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Synthesizing the World’s Real-Time Data

Real-Time Engineering
An engineering team averages over 28 years’ experience in real-time systems, software and firmware development, integration & test. [more]

Real-Time Platform (RTTK)
Fastest infrastructure for real-time machine data capture, analysis & distribution. [more]

Virtual Radar REX (VREX)
Simulate impractical complex electromagnetic targets and environments in real-time affordably.[more]

Solution Areas

Software, firmware, and systems engineering services and real-time products for defense, government, & commercial industry. [more]

  • Advanced Sensors Systems
  • Next Generation Air Traffic
  • Command and Control
  • Real-Time Big Data

Innovating Real-Time

Most Recent Articles

Radar Analyst – Huntsville, AL

Posted on May 18, 2016

FishEye is hiring at least one junior to mid-level radar analyst with UEWR & Cobra Dane background and MatLab experience. Familiarity with the new UEWR software and hardware (UV2000 and 9.x software) is a...

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Q: Compare archiving in data in text (CSV) vs HDF5 Files

Posted on Oct 19, 2015

A: Advantages and Disadvantages of archiving text and HDF5 data formats. HDF5 is a data storage format that can store a variety of datatypes and is designed for flexible and efficient I/O and for high volume and...

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Q: I’m using DDS, what does the RTTK real-time platform offer?

Posted on Oct 16, 2015

Q: We are using DDS and they have a DDS recorder tool and can sniff DDS...

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UEWR Operator in Huntsville, Alabama

Posted on Aug 27, 2015

Radar Operator UNIX experience Strong analytical and technical...

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