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Putting the year in perspective

Putting the year in perspective



It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?

There’s been so much going on, we thought it would be helpful to reflect back and share with you our strategic achievements. This year we focused on growth in three areas; customer growth, product development growth and team growth.



2018 Compute Brings a Machine Learning Revolution

A machine learning revolution is upon us but did you know the algorithms were hatched n the 1950’s? So why? Today’s proliferation of both data and immense processing power are giving these historic machine learning algorithms new power and purpose.


10 Trillion more Compute Power


Here are a few of 2018 FishEye’s accomplishments.


Product Development Growth

This year we made some major investments in product development focusing in the areas of machine learning, data distribution service (DDS) interfaces, real-time visualization, and customer integrations. FishEye has also made investments in technology to improve customer project success.


Customer Growth

In 2018, FishEye focused on growing customer demands while ensuring excellence.


FishEye Team Growth

Strategic initiatives for 2018 included improving our work environment to attract and retain the best team as well as increase the number of new hires to keep pace with growing product development and customer projects.