About FishEye


Corporate Overview

FishEye Real-Time LogoFishEye Software delivers software products and software engineering services advancing real-time systems in commercial, defense and aerospace industries.

Since 1998, the company has been developing, integrating, and testing mission-critical and operational software for government and commercial customers. Our passion is building software products that make complex systems simple to understand in real-time. Our engineering team are experts in developing, integrating and testing mission-critical and operational software in systems like phased-array radars, air-traffic control, railway maintenance data analysis, missile defense, command and control.

FishEye supports systems around the world and is headquartered in Boston’s technology region in the town of Maynard, Massachusetts in the USA.



FishEye’s leadership team combines an engineering focus with deep experience.



FishEye leverages industry experience and technology knowhow to deliver leading-edge software products and engineering. Our core competencies are:

  • Building software products that make complex systems simple to understand in real-time.
  • Real-Time Embedded Systems Software Engineering Services – Development, Integration, Test, and Sustainment



The-Blue-MarbleIn 2009 FishEye initiated a strategic initiative to add value to our customers through innovative software products that complement our core expertise in systems such as missile defense radars and command and control systems. We sought to solve challenges plaguing the entire lifecycle of real-time systems – the managing and analyzing real-time system machine data is complex and difficult. Confirming these systems are working is difficult enough, a lack of easy to access machine data compounds the complexity and even masks problems. Furthermore, we felt we could make a radical change to an industry that relies on decade old batch processing. We sought bring a new level of understanding by exposing, analyzing, and visualizing machine data as systems are running in real-time.


Faster Real-Time

Real-Time system developers are challenged by tight timelines, constrained budgets, and demands to extract more information from increasingly massive amounts of data. FishEye’s Real-Time Platform (RTTK) suite of software tools capture real-time data with X-ray-like access, moves complex analysis from post-mission processing into real-time, and exploits data to unlock more information and rapidly distribute it to more users. Developers and Integrators of systems like sensors, combat systems, and unmanned vehicles use FishEye’s software to reduce development cost, automate test, perform analysis in real-time, and deliver new information to more users. The Real-Time Platform (RTTK) is changing how real-time embedded systems are developed.




Leadership Team