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Bob Chisholm

Bob Smile__

President, CEO and a Founder

Bob Chisholm has led Fisheye from its inception of nearly two decades ago, in a basement in Framingham, Massachusetts to becoming a premier provider of real-time embedded software services and applications. Bob started his career in software engineering with hands-on experience developing software and systems for some of the world’s most complex and challenging national defense systems including phased array radars, over the horizon radars, central office ATM network systems. Prior to founding FishEye, Chisholm wore multiple hats at a New Hampshire defense oriented start-up where he was responsible for managing a team of engineers while developing, maintaining and growing various business opportunities. In 1987 Chisholm went to work for TRW as a software engineer developing and enhancing over the horizon and phased array radars including spending significant time at several remote deployment sites.

Chisholm holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Bob is available Monday-Friday 9-5 ET

Bob Chisholm
P: 978-461-0100 x201


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