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Brand Assets & Style Guide

This is our company brand assets and style guide. It helps us write clear and consistent content across teams and channels. Please use it as a reference when you’re writing for FishEye.


FishEye Brand Logos


FishEye Logo in Adobe Illustrator (.AI) Format

Download the FishEye Real-Time Logo Line Art Note: renaming the .pdf extension to .ai converts the format to Adobe Illustrator format.


FishEye Logo in JPG Format



FishEye Logo in PNG Format



FishEye Eye Icon in PNG Format


FishEye Brand Colors


The FishEye logo uses black and the color PMS 314  or on a computer hex #0084AA.


Real-Time (font in logo)

Avenir LT Std. 65 Medium Oblique


Website Fonts and Colors

Website body font – Crimson
Website FishEye blue – #0084AA
Website button and text link color – #0084AA
Website text color – #48423F
Website page background color – #F9F9FA
Website border color – #F0F1F2