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John Griffin

Software & Integration Director

John Griffin

As a Software Manager and Board Member at FishEye, John Griffin leads all software development and integration projects. He has dedicated his career to developing and integrating real-time complex software systems. John is a proven leader with 30 years of experience in software engineering for real-time embedded systems as both an individual contributor and manager. He has used and is familiar with a wide variety of software languages, operating systems, and both run-time and development/configuration tools. John is a developer of the FishEye Real Time Platform (RTTK) and led its initial integration into a deployed system.

Previously, John was involved in all phases of development and integration for a number of large radar programs at defense contractors such as General Dynamics, Raytheon, and TRW. John has worked on a number of programs such as AMDR (Air and Missile Defense Radar) UEWR (Upgraded Early Warning Radar), SBX (Sea-Based X-Band Radar),CDSM (Cobra Dane System Modernization) and ROTHR (Relocatable Over the Horizon Radar).

John holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts.