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AFCEA New Horizons 2015


View Real-Time Product Demo’s for the Air Force at Booth #204

#1 Real-Time Tool Kit (RTTK)

Real-Time Remote System Maintenance, Analysis, Intelligent Data Capture

Innovate real-time embedded and big data systems with FishEye’s Real-Time Tool Kit (RTTK). The fastest portable infrastructure to capture, analyze and distribute big data in real-time. Next generation embedded systems require high performance and open data without interfering in time critical missions. Leading system developers, integrators and testers innovate and reshape next generation Radars, UAV’s, Missile Defense, Air Trac Management, Space Systems, Command & Control & Avionics.


#2 Virtual REX (VREX)

Higher Fidelity Real-Time Phased-Array Radar Testing in the Lab

FishEye’s VREX technology is reshaping next generation radars and electronic warfare. This enables developers, integrators, maintainers, and trainers to simulate high fidelity radar and provide signal processing testing in the test center environment without the expense of custom and complex radar hardware in remote locations. FishEye is currently, working with the Air Force (SBIR AF121148) to demonstrate the effectiveness of VREX technology in sensor development, integration, test and maintenance.

Join FishEye CEO Bob Chisholm for live music at New Horizons 2015