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Candidates Available For Project Work 10-18-13

 #1 – Software/Systems Engineer

Over twenty five years of experience in all aspects of software engineering, scientific computer applications, and information technology, from requirements to final data analysis. Experience with numerous programming languages including: C++, C, Java, Ada, Perl, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, SQL, XML and assorted assemblers.

* Radar experience and active SECRET Clearance.

#2 – Systems/Test Engineer

Thirteen years of professional experience performing modeling and simulation, radar system test, radar software validation, analysis, and field testing for Missile Defense Systems.

* Radar experience and active SECRET Clearance.

#3 – Versatile Software/Systems Engineer

Over thirty five years of experience in Software development, validation and test, and the development of test tools and procedures as an individual contributor and a team leader. Programming Languages include: Joomla!, Perl, HTML, Ada, Lisp, FORTRAN and Pascal.

* Current active SECRET clearance.

#4 – Software/Systems Engineer

Over 30 years of software life-cycle experience including: software design and development, system test and integration, system and requirement analysis for implementing Radar and Satellite Communication Systems. Programming Languages include: C++, Ada, Fortran, Jovial.

* Experience includes numerous radar systems. Current active SECRET clearance.

#5 – Verification/Validation Engineer

Over twenty five years experience with Dod Systems including TPY-2, THAAD, Patriot and UEWR. Highly proficient with test design, execution, data analysis, and report generation on complex systems. Comfortable presenting results to the customer. Able to work independently or as part of a team to solve technical issues with minimal supervision.

* Extensive experience with both DOORs and MATLAB. Current active SECRET clearance.