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Data Bridge – Architecture


The Data Bridge employs the FishEye Real Time Platform (RTTK) as the underlying mechanism for data-aware processing.  RTTK provides real-time X-ray-like data access to unlock highly detailed binary data in the language of domain experts. FishEye’s technology captures real-time data in a system’s native binary but uses a unique and innovative Metadata ­Injection process to store the data in an open standards, platform independent, self-describing and high-performance data format. The access exposes internal data that otherwise may not be available to end-users, is distributed over system tasks and computers, or is challenging to collect because of the large volume. System developers can reduce development cost and risk by reducing time spent developing data capture functions, reduce post processing time by eliminating the post processing data conversion step, and quickly assess how the software is performing.

The figure below shows the pieces of the Data Bridge and how they map to RTTK components.  The CEP (Complex Event Processing) portion of RTTK allows analysis, curation, data-aware compression and bandwidth control to be executed in real-time.  RTTK’s CEP analyzes system data and makes decisions in real-time. Domain experts and end-users change a system’s behavior by monitoring and responding to real-time events as they are happening in a language they understand. RTTK’s high-performance decision engine delivers real-time performance using a proprietary process, which eclipses the performance of traditional databases or Structured Query Language (SQL)-like decision engines or transformation services. The combined direct access and real-time automated decisions means systems can now behave as a unified system; much like a brain digests nerve input, makes decisions, and orchestrates actions. With text-based configuration, RTTK is flexible for changes to the system or changes in the desired data extraction and processing.

RTTK uses Metadata Injection to publish and distribute subsystem data through a Publish-Subscribe Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in a high-speed, self-subscribing, and domain specific language. RTTK’s real-time Publish-Subscribe interface offers a configurable and loosely coupled subsystem interface that allows connection to diverse network resources.

FishEye Data Bridge Architecture

FishEye Data Bridge Architecture Components

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