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Data Bridge – Efficient Remote Data Capture and Movement


The continuously increasing flow of data within complex systems creates a challenge in capturing and understanding what is happening within the system.  Software maintenance demands information about internal activity both for real-time visualization and for off-line analysis.  Often, the data that is needed is not available externally or has too high a bandwidth to be transmitted or stored.

The FishEye Data Bridge allows capture, analysis, and redistribution, as well as display for visualization.  Components of the Data Bridge allow capture of internal data, bandwidth management, real-time analysis of the data for visualization, real-time redistribution of analyzed data, and curation of the data to avoid capturing information that is not needed. The figure below provides a high level view of Data Bridge.

Data Bridge – Efficient Data Capture and Movement

Data Bridge – Efficient Data Capture and Movement

The Data Bridge can be applied to any complex system. It is particularly useful for platforms such as aircraft, ships, connected autos, unmanned vehicles, and ground-based installations such as factories, utilities, satellite ground stations, etc.  The Data Bridge can be used within an installation or it can communicate with a central location to allow remote capture and analysis.

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