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Real-Time-Platform FAQ

Q: We are using DDS and they have a DDS recorder tool and can sniff DDS messages and dump .csv files in real-time. How can RTTK help us?

Q: Compare archiving in data in text (CSV) vs HDF5 Files

A: Advantages and Disadvantages of archiving text and HDF5 data formats.

Q: What is the learning time to become effective using the tool?

Q: We have data injection/collection capability now through DDS using our Matlab tools, what makes RTTK that much better for system integration and test? I know you addressed this before, but others will be present that did not hear the answer, and I want you to discuss this again.

Q: What overhead will occur in terms of processing time, size of executable, etc., when we add RTTK into the process?

Q: What overhead is there when the tool is turned off? Do we link it in when testing and then perform another link without it for deliver?

Q: Can we keep specific collection points active as we deliver the code or will there be an impact in the process usage/ memory usage when not collecting data?

Q: We envision using Matlab simulators and tools for analysis. How would this work? Could you go through the process of adding in RTTK and integrating it with Matlab for us at a high level?

Q: What work does RTTK do for us?

Q: We need basically the details of how this impacts the product and process. Besides helping us with the integration process, our customer has been asking if this will help them. I need to know the pros and cons of delivering code with this capability still in there.

Q: What is RTTK?

Q: What problem is solved by RTTK?

Q: Do I need to change my code to use RTTK?

Q: What hardware/operating system platforms does RTTK operate with?

Q: How much of processing performance, memory and network traffic does RTTK use when it is active? What about when it is inactive?

Q: What is the learning time to become effective using RTTK?

Q: What are the main benefits of RTTK versus other tools?

Q: What is the pricing model for RTTK?

Q: Can RTTK passively capture network traffic such as RTI DDS, Splice DDS, TCP, UDP, or NTP?

Q: What publishers can RTTK use to retransmit information?

Q: What other tools does RTTK integrate with, such as Matlab, for real-time visualization?

Q: What formats does RTTK use for delivering captured data?


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