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Q: Is a software that runs on a computer or standalone hardware?
A: VREX runs on a computer using commercially available computers

Q: What are the interfaces?
A: VREX has a front-end-back interface that runs over multiple interfaces using standard network hardware (i.e., Ethernet, Fiber). The VREX back-end-front-end messaging format is user configurable. The VREX also has interfaces to the radar return model. A target model interface is planned for Dec 2015. The VREX also has several XML and ASCII configurations files that allow users the ability to configure VREX.

Q: How is data created?
A: A model of target reflection calculates I&Q radar returns in real-time. The VREX comes with a default model. The VREX target model can be overridden with a project specific or third party target model.

1. What is VREX?

2. What problem is solved by VREX?

3. Has VREX been delivered to customers?

4. What hardware/operating system platform does VREX require?

5. How are VREX results captured?

6. What display tools does VREX integrate with for real-time visualization?

7. Does VREX integrate with other simulators?