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FishEye at New Horizons 2020

FishEye at New Horizons 2020

FishEye at New Horizons 2020


Earlier in the month and back when people traveled to conferences, Bob Chisholm, CEO and Ted Selig, COO attended “New Horizons” in Newton, MA.

The New Horizons conference has been hosted annually for 43 years by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). At the conference the Air Force AFLCMC organization and other DoD organizations discuss their upcoming projects and procurements. AFLCMC organization manages billions of dollars of procurements for many of the Air Force’s radars. Many of the FishEye team directly support these systems throughout their lifecycle.

Ted enjoyed the “Gold Circle Breakfast” where Sean Maday, DoD Chief Technology Officer at Google Cloud gave an informative talk on machine learning. Sean also talked about his “Engaged” project where he makes piles of public meeting videos searchable and discoverable. Now he doesn’t miss town meetings while he is on the road and doesn’t have to dig through hours of video to find out what is going on in his town. Sean’s project lets him save time by getting meaningful insight into his town meetings. This resonated with Ted and similar to our customers also overwhelmed by data. FishEye’s Real-Time Platform For Machine Data (RTTK) is solving these challenge with intelligent data curation and AI machine learning to extract and give insight into real-time machine data much the same way.

Bob Chisholm serves on the AFCEA Lexington/Concord Chapter board as the VP of Education. At the event Bob shared the Chapters education initiative to give businesses the opportunity to sponsor exceptional high school seniors pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM disciplines for the ACFEA fellowship program. Each Fellow receives a $1,500 scholarship from AFCEA’s Lexington/Concord Chapter and a ten week internship from sponsoring companies. If interested in learning more, contact Bob.

As a Platinum Sponsor of New Horizons, FishEye would like to give a special thanks to the local AFCEA chapter for this year’s very productive conference as well as all the contributors that effectively shared their project plans.