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FishEye recruits the best engineers at UMass Career Fair

FishEye recruits the best engineers at UMass Career Fair

 FishEye at UMass Amherst Career Blast Campus Wide Fair

Lily Z. (left) and Lina W. (right) recruits the best engineers at University of Massachusetts Career Fair

With FishEye’s leadership ties to Umass Amherst, FishEye recruits annually at the Career Blast Campus-Wide Fair looking for the best engineers to join our team!

The career fair features representatives from over 100 companies offering internships and full-time employment.

This year, Lina W. spearheaded FishEye’s presence at the event by setting up and organizing the entire college hire recruitment process.

At the event, Lina and Lily Z. spoke to over 50 students from various backgrounds and concentrations. From these students, a number have been selected to be interviewed. The selection process is competitive, and we are reassured that the future of software development looks bright!

FishEye plans to hire two summer interns and one new college candidate from this event.

Special thanks to Lina, Lily, Emily and others for helping make the event a success.

Lina is a Umass alumnus and graduated in May 2018 with a major in Computer Systems Engineering and in Computer Science.

Lily is a Umass alumnus as well and graduated in 2017. She majored in BDIC (Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration – basically “design your own major”). She named her concentration “User-Focused Software Development”, and is comprised of courses in Computer Science, Psychology, Education, and Art.

Kudos to Lina for a job well done!