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FishEye Contributes at Raytheon Industry Day Washington DC

FishEye Contributes at Raytheon Industry Day Washington DC


Ted Selig Washington DC Raytheon Industry Day


In March, Ted Selig, COO FishEye Software attended the Raytheon Industry Day to share with legislators why it is important to fund AMDR radars for the U.S. Navy. Ted dug a tie out of his closet to go “storm the hill” as they say. Bob Chisholm, CEO usually attends this annual event but had other commitments. The two-day event was coordinated by Raytheon and involved a one-day briefing by Raytheon and some guest speakers on the programs and related budgetary legislation. Raytheon is organizing a campaign to support for budget to keep funding in the budget to install AMDR radars on two ships scheduled to go into dry-dock for rehabilitation. If the budget is not approved these ships will go back to sea without the latest radars and will probably never have a chance to get the radar in it’s remaining 20-year life span. Ted joined a group of several Massachusetts companies meeting with legislators and aids from districts throughout Massachusetts.

FishEye is a five-time award winner of the Raytheon IDS Supplier Excellence Award.