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FishEye Patents Real-Time Processing of Streaming Data

FishEye Patents Real-Time Processing of Streaming Data




MAYNARD, MA — (NASDAQ GLOBENEWSWIRE) — Sept. 12, 2017 — FishEye Products, LLC, a leading provider of real-time systems, has been awarded a patent for their Real-Time Platform (RTTK). The invention defines a process that looks inside applications to extract knowledge to unlock the fastest access to real-time machine data and real-time analytics.

Real-time embedded systems have hard deadlines, are complex, and must share machine data across varying hardware. These systems are hard to understand making them difficult and expensive to make, debug, validate, and keep operational. The patent radically simplifies the process of understanding fast and complex systems and does it in real-time. Just like a cardiologist assesses and analyze heart performance with an EKG and a blood pressure monitor, engineers can see inside and understand what is going on while complex systems run.

The innovative approach radically reduces systems full-life cycle costs and risk by simplifying how machine data is accessed and shared. The patent enables real-time systems to operate safer and faster, while producing new insight instantly. Systems that keep our society functioning benefit from real-time data analysis to predict, manage and troubleshoot anomalies before they have an impact. Power generation, railway, manufacturing, and defense are just a few of the core industries in which the patent can drive major improvements.

The FishEye invention is a collaboration between FishEye Director and Chief Operating Officer, Ted Selig, and FishEye Engineer Fellow, Dr. Mike Ackroyd. “RTTK works within the most complex systems to capture and analyze machine data as it moves in real-time,” said Selig. “Working in concert with mission-focused software, results are provided consistently and immediately to maintain optimal system performance.”

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded FishEye Products, LLC US 9,652,312 in May of 2017.


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FishEye Software, Inc. is a leading provider of real-time system products and software engineering headquartered in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. Since 1997, the company has been developing, integrating and testing mission-critical and operational software for government and commercial customers in systems like phased-array radars, air-traffic control, missile defense, and command and control. The FishEye Real-Time Platform (RTTK) is a real-time system which provides real-time data capture, real-time analytics and more. The FishEye Radar Simulator (VREX) simulates complex radar in real-time. Stay informed with FishEye News.


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