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FishEye Platinum Sponsor of AFCEA New Horizons Event

FishEye Platinum Sponsor of AFCEA New Horizons Event

FishEye New Horizons 2021


Accelerate Change or Lose


MASSACHUSETTS, March 17, 2021 – FishEye is attending New Horizons to understand the Air Force challenges and make sure FishEye is focused on solving those problems. The Lexington-Concord Chapter of AFCEA International is hosting the New Horizons (virtual) March 17-25, 2021.

General Charles Q. Brown, Air Force Chief of Staff, published his strategic approach entitled, Final Ad V11.6 - New Horizons

“Accelerate Change or Lose,” recognizing that we “live in a world that is driven by rapidly changing technology and an environment that includes aggressive and capable global competitors.”

This year’s AFCEA Lexington-Concord Chapter New Horizons Speaker Series and Capstone Event explores the approaches that PEOs C3I&N, Digital, and NC3, and the associated community, will use to respond to this call to:

“Accelerate Change or Lose!” — General Charles Q. Brown, US Air Force Chief of Staff

FishEye is a perennial AFCEA Platinum Sponsor. A primary challenge of our customers is to access, manage and analyze data from large complex systems. Their systems are now producing data three times faster than can be collected, managed, and turned into information. The “FishEye Real-Time Platform” addresses this challenge by liberating complex system data, providing data management, enabling analysis and machine learning in real-time.