RTTK Product Roadmap Includes Integration with DDS for Real-Time Systems

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DDS Real-time


Ted Selig and Jim Stevens attended the Connext Conference May 16-17, 2018 to exchange technology plans as well as learn how others are using DDS as FishEye expands its product integration with DDS.

Many of FishEye’s customers use DDS for interprocess communication and network connections on real-time and embedded systems.  

RTI is a market leader in DDS technology. DDS is the only open standard for messaging that supports the unique needs of both enterprise and real-time systems.

FishEye’s Real-Time Platform (RTTK) product roadmap includes an integration with DDS for real-time publish and subscribe of DDS messages. The RTTK+DDS integration automates and simplifies high-performance HDF5 archives for DDS data. It also opens real-time machine learning analytics of DDS resident data.