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RTTK Capabilities White Paper


RTTK Real-Time Platform provides tools for monitoring and control of widely distributed complex and real-time systems.

Modern real-time systems have evolved to a complex cacophony of widely distributed, largely-isolated systems. While these modern systems expand capabilities, they add burden to inter-operate, maintain, and analyze as a whole – counter to the need to reduce costs and personnel.



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11 Methods To Improve Real-time System Reliability and Performance. White Paper


1. Simple way to understand complex system

2. Manage and control large real-time data volume and velocity

3. Expose internal data making it open and easily accessible

4. Reduce system life-cycle costs

5. Move post-processing analysis to real-time analysis

6. Real-time data distribution for remote system monitoring and support

7. Highly-scalable architectures through an open standard publish-subscribe infrastructure

8. Run-time discovery of new data reporting types and real-time subscription (vice compile time data type inclusion)

9. Lower data throughput demand via higher-level events and server-side algorithms

10. Improved understandability of system operation via user-defined using domain-specific languages

11. Reduced cost of operation and maintenance personnel through automated decisions





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