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FishEye Serves Industries Building Value from Complex Real Time Systems

FishEye’s expertise and technology supports the development and sustainment of complex real-time system in a wide range of industries. Modern systems are increasingly a collection of complex and real-time systems requiring specialized expertise and support technologies to build, analyze sustain, and enhance. Solutions require technology capable of providing instant meaning from rapidly moving and varied machine data produced from systems with varying architectures, multigenerational & heterogeneous computing. There is an ever growing demand for real-time data capture, analysis, distribution and visualization that are essential components of such real-time systems. Fisheye’s products and services, such as the Real-Time Platform (RTTK) and Virtual REX (VREX) are directly applicable to these problems.

Defense Systems

defenseThe Defense industry has an inherent need for systems reacting in real-time.  Fisheye has been working closely on defense applications for more than a decade, with an emphasis on such real-time processing.  Fisheye’s Remote Bridge drives down costs through the ability to access complex system data and monitor status from remote locations.  Fisheye’s VREX (Virtual REX) provides a major price performance advantage over current approaches to radar simulation, testing, and integration. The FishEye Real-Time Platform provides foundational technology to capture, understand, and share real-time machine data to help improve capabilities and reduce costs and risks in the development, test, maintenance and operation complex embedded systems. Industry areas include:

Missile Defense

Ground-based radars and control systems must process large amounts of data in a limited period of time.  At the same time, operator situational awareness requires real-time extraction, analysis and display of the information.  Further, real-time and post-mission analysis needs to be able to analyze even larger sets of archived data that have been captured in real-time.

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR)

C4ISR systems involve substantial interaction among participating systems with corresponding large real-time data flows.  Such systems require the ability to capture data as it flows, analyze it, and provide real-time information to the operator.

Radar Systems

Radar Systems, both ground-based and platform-based (ship and aircraft) include both a receiver/exciter (front-end) and a back-end signal and data processing subsystem.  Development and maintenance of such systems is greatly enhanced with more accurate real-time simulations of the front-end to allow more comprehensive verification and debug of the back-end subsystem.  Fisheye’s VREX has been developed to address this need and to be fully configurable.  In addition, real-time capture, analysis and display of the large data flows is necessary for this development.

Electronic Warfare (EW)

Electronic Warfare (EW) systems are requires management and signal analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum supporting applications in air, sea, land, and space environments. Such systems need the ability to capture this data selectively for real-time and post-mission analysis and to be able to provide the operator with real-time awareness of the signal environment.


Platforms such as aircraft and ships are comprised of multiple subsystems that communicate simultaneously in widely diverse ways.  Capturing this data in real-time for post-mission analysis or for maintenance monitoring is a key requirement of these platforms.  In addition, there is an increasing use of multi-platform networks and platform to ground/shore communication for many purposes.  These platforms need mechanisms for extracting key data on the fly as well as sending it in an efficient, bandwidth-optimized manner.  FishEye’s Shore Bridge (for ships) or Data Bridge (for other platforms) are targeted at such needs.


The growing Cyber industry has demanded better methods for monitoring network traffic and understanding the activity that is taking place both within a network and in its interaction with the world outside the network.  Once this data is collected, it must be analyzed in real-time so that actions can be taken to protect against intrusions, malware, bad actors, and other threats to the cyber environment.

Unmanned Systems

The utility of unmanned systems has led to growth in the quantity, complexity, and diversity of such systems, spanning airborne, space, underwater, surface, and land-based systems.  Each of these systems has some autonomy, but is also in constant communication with home base.  The optimization of these data links for sensing, command/control, maintenance and navigation is often a limiting factor in the applications of these systems.

Satellite Communications (SATCOM)

Communications satellites for military communications applications, such as command and control systems for global wireless communications for support of video, voice and data worldwide. FishEye technology supports real-time capture, analysis, and distribution of data and remote monitoring throughout the communication systems.

Factory Automation and Robotics

factory-automationFactories (including Utility Plants) employ networks for both command/control and maintenance in addition to the flow of data for operations.  Situational awareness of potential problems in the factory requires real-time identification of such problems with corresponding alerts to the operator, accompanied by information about the alert that can allow the operator to take appropriate action.  Fisheye’s Real Time Platform provides the capability to manage the capture, analysis and display of such information from within a complex, large data stream that emanate from high-speed manufacturing and robotics systems.

Automotive Systems (Intelligent and Connected Vehicles)

driverless-carsAutomotive automation has been increasing for decades, starting with electronic ignition and advancing to include multiple remote sensors (radars, cameras, infrared), multiple systems (anti-lock brakes, traction control, automatic cruise control, automatic braking, automatic parking) and moving in the direction of fully autonomous operation.   Further, the future includes communication among multiple vehicles to form ad hoc networks and to use sensors from other vehicles and from roadside or road-embedded sensors to improve the car and driver’s awareness of the bigger picture.

These systems and future trends require ever larger amounts of data and analysis, all occurring in real time.  Cars require the ability to capture data for diagnostic and reconstruction purposes.  They require the ability to extract specific pieces of information from the data stream and analyze them for action that needs to be taken or alerts that need to be provided to the driver.  They require the ability to send and receive the appropriate information through the inter-vehicle network.  They require the ability to aggregate information from multiple data streams in an intelligent manner for these purposes.


real-time-tradingThe Finance industry depends on instantaneous analysis of trends for use in quantitative trading and risk assessment.  This requires the ability to extract data from numerous data streams in real time, then analyze this data and take actions based on the analysis.  Fisheye’s Real Time Platform and expertise provides a direct solution for these needs.

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