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Kongsberg Defence integrates with FishEye

Kongsberg_logo100IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

HUNTSVILLE, AL USA – Aug 11, 2014 – FishEye and Kongsberg Gallium today announce a new integration between Real-Time Tool Kit (RTTK) and InterMAPhics.

The FishEye and Kongsberg Gallium integration enables real-time systems to stream and visualize geospatial data for situational awareness and command and control display applications. FishEye’s Real-Time Tool Kit (RTTK) enables developers, integrator, testers, and maintainers of systems to unlock, capture, analyze and distribute massive and streaming multi-platform real-time data. Kongsberg Gallium’s InterMAPhics provides high-performance geospatial display applications for military command and control systems. Together RTTK and InterMAPhics enable real-time geographic visual analysis of streaming, fused, and previously unavailable heterogeneous systems data for:

–       Geospatial situational awareness

–       Fuse data for command and control

–       Geospatial analysis

–       Radar and weapons spatial analysis

–       Air traffic control testing

–       Remote system monitoring and maintenance

Learn more about FishEye and Kongsberg

FishEye and Kongsberg at the Space & Missile Defense Symposium

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Kongsberg Defense Systems is Norway’s premier supplier of defense and aerospace-related systems. Their portfolio comprises products and systems for command and control, weapons guidance and surveillance, communications solutions and missiles. Kongsberg Defense Systems also makes advanced composites and engineering products for the aircraft and helicopter market.

Kongsberg Gallium offers a complete range of high-performance software solutions for situational awareness, from custom application development to COTS products. Driven by superior technology and a track record of meeting the most demanding requirements, we are specialists in high-performance software solutions for air, land, sea and mobile applications. All of our work is backed by a total commitment to customer success.

About FishEye

FishEye Software is a real-time software products and software engineering service company headquartered in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. Since 1997, the company has been developing, integrating and testing mission-critical and operational software and products for government and commercial customers in systems like phased-array radars, air-traffic control, missile defense, and command and control. Visit

Innovate real-time and mission critical systems with FishEye. The Real-Time Tool Kit (RTTK) offers the fastest portable infrastructure to capture, analyze, distribute, visualize real-time streaming data (request a Free RTTK Demo). The Virtual REX (VREX) simulates high-fidelity radar hardware. FishEye’s Engineering Services deliver software development, integration, and test of complex real-time systems.

For additional information, visit or request a free trial at

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