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Real-Time Capture, Analysis, Distribution, Visualization

Real-Time Capture, Analysis, Distribution, Visualization

FishEye is focused on bringing value to our customers through scalable products design for the real-time embedded systems environments. Our products are designed to simplify, reduce costs, lower risks, and increasing capabilities of the world’s most sophisticated defense and commercial systems. Fisheye technology is designed to change how real-time embedded systems are engineered.

Real Time Platform for Machine Data (RTTK)

The RTTK Real-Time Platform helps  real-time systems manage streaming machine data with capture, real-time analytics, and configurable high-speed distribution. Sensors, combat systems, and unmanned vehicles can use our software to reduce development cost, automate test, analyze in real-time, and enable secondary missions. X-ray-like access exposes application-specific data and moves complex and unnecessary data handling from post-mission processing into real-time.


Virtual Receiver/Exciter (VREX) Generalized Simulator

FishEye Real-Time Simulation

FishEye Real-Time Simulation

A major challenge and expense of developing electromagnetic sensors is the custom hardware required to generate and receive electromagnetic spectrum. Radar sensors generate and receive electromagnetic waveforms through custom signal processing hardware called a Receiver / Exciter (REX). The REX is complex, expensive, and custom made. When sensor systems are built, the “back-end” signal and data processing software and the “front-end” antenna and REX hardware must be designed and integrated. The development of sensors is slowed and complicated by this separate but interdependent hardware and software. Furthermore, there is no capability to test software patches, configuration upgrades or waveform frequency changes without the expense of traveling to the operational site to connect with the sensor front-end hardware.


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