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Open, Configurable Data Capture

Real-Time Platform (RTTK)

The Fisheye Real-Time Platform provides data capture, analysis, distribution, and visualization of streaming machine data.  Unlike most data capture software, it is not unique for each individual project or company.

Typically, the need for non-intrusive data capture and distribution is addressed on an individual program basis through a custom solution.  As a result, the technology to accomplish the real-time data capture and distribution is reinvented for each program, thus creating a plethora of legacy systems, each with their own data capture approach and each generating their own proprietary, non-transferable data products. This results in solutions that are often brittle, non-scalable, non-maintainable or obsolete. Proprietary, non-standard data formats also increase the cost of data analysis tools and hinder the ability to add capabilities that exploit that data.

The Fisheye Real-Time Platform (RTTK) employs text-based configuration files to facilitate customization for each project without requiring recoding of the software itself.  Results can be republished, archived, or presented for display to an operator.  Data can be made available in standard open formats such as HDF5.

Available customization includes:

  • Selecting data from within a data stream (not all data needs to be captured nor does every sample of the data).
  • Republishing the data for use elsewhere in the system
  • Generating standard format (such as HDF5) data capture files that can be archived for post-mission analysis
  • Taking data-dependent action including alerts to the operator
  • Creating displays for situational awareness and visualization
  • Streaming data to other applications such as Matlab for further analysis and display

To learn more or for a free system assessment, contact us.

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