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Real Time Platform (RTTK) Life Cycle Applications


Modern systems consist of many complex software applications running mission critical real-time processes. While these systems are typically performing widely disparate tasks, they all share a common underlying need: namely the ability to monitor and distribute information about the internal operation of the system in real or near real time without perturbing the performance of the system’s primary task. This need to monitor and distribute information is motivated by the following:

  • System development – During system development, engineers require the ability to observe the internal operation of the various modules that make up the system in order to ensure that they are performing according to the system requirements. Designers and developers also need to be able to understand and account for system usage and overhead constraints.
  • System test – During Formal Qualification Testing (FQT), it is difficult to ensure correct operation of the entire system strictly through the observance of the external behavior of the system. Typically, FQT test plans include the requirement to observe the correct internal operation.
  • System optimization – Deployed systems may require automated, semi-automated or manual optimization of various operating parameters based on environmental conditions or mission tasking. The ability to record internal data for subsequent off-line analysis is often required to perform effective system optimization.
  • System operation – With the increasing use of standard off-the-shelf hardware and operating systems for modern scalable real-time systems, the ability to move processes among platforms to account for load variation and possible subsystem failures necessitates the real-time collection and provisioning of a variety of system metrics and events.
  • Post-mission analysis – It is extremely important to be able to record and analyze simulated and real mission data in order to provide feedback to both the engineering and the operational teams.

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