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RTTK – Features, Advantages & Benefits

Real-Time data capture in application’s native binary formatFastest and least intrusive data capture
  • Access to application data without degrading real-time performance
  • Reduces project costs and risk by focusing development efforts on application requirements; not on data capture and analysis tools
  • Increases large program integration testing rate by over 75%
  • Metagen tool provides X-ray-like access to application’s domain specific languageAutomated extraction of format and description of data in language of domain experts
  • Allows domain or operational experts to analyze and rapidly modify real-time system behavior without the expense and time of changing the software
  • Enables portability of machine and application specific data across platforms.
  • Self-describing, standards-based, and high-performance data archiveApplication data along with self-describing meta data stored in the same archive file readable by off-the-shelf analysis software (e.g., MATLAB).
  • Eliminates overhead of configuring data and post-run data extraction tools
  • Reduces errors and time in comparing archives from two different software builds
  • Reduces project costs and risk by accelerating post-run analysis (reduces primary processor time by over 50% when mixed/heterogeneous hardware environment)
  • Integrated real-time data capture, analysis, and distribution Divulges application specific performance parameters across systems
  • Use to make your system a dynamic and adaptive real-time system of systems
  • Real-time AnalysisComplex Event Processing (CEP) engine analyzes data in real-time
  • Test as you Run
  • Reduce data archive size by capturing only data needed or using event based recording
  • Analyze data on a remote platform and transmit results through low bandwidth communication
  • Respond immediately to operational issues