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Streaming Real-Time Analysis

Move Time Consuming Post Processing to Real-Time Analysis & Sharing

control550 As you develop, integrate and test large embedded or real-time systems analysis and data handling can be a multi-step and time consuming process.


Sophisticated, complex, resource constrained and time sensitive applications have traditionally archived application data in application-specific text or binary archives.  Text archives provide portability and easy of data handling but are large and compute intensive and thus limit what data is saved.  Binary archives, while maximize run-time performance, add complexity and tools to the post processing and analysis process. FishEye’s Real Time Tool Kit eliminates data handling and streamlines analysis.   Find out how FishEye’s Real-Time Tool Kit can change how you build time-critical systems to turn time-consuming 5-step post-process analysis into zero-step real-time analysis to:

  • Capture application data in portable, open and self-describing data archive.
  • Stream and downsize engineering data in real-time to Matlab to plot and analyze live and while you run
  • Down-size your application’s fire hose of big data on-the-fly to capture only what you need when you need it
  • Open archived application data in a Matlab native format and eliminate the need for post-processing software or waiting for Matlab to import text data.

Engineers from FishEye will show how real-time and embedded system development, integration and test teams can use FishEye’s Real-Time Tool Kit to change to open portable archive and real-time analysis.

Request the White Paper: ACCELERATING DATA CAPTURE, ANALYSIS & DISTRIBUTION or Sign up to talk with an engineer.