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FishEye Radar Simulator (VREX)

FishEye Radar Simulator (VREX)

Simulate Complex Radar. In Real-Time.

Electromagnetic sensors include a “front-end” that generates and receives the electromagnetic waves through a subsystem known as a Receiver/EXciter (REX). They also include a “back-end” that performs signal and data processing, typically implemented in software. These separate subsystems must be designed and developed separately, then integrated together. The development of the overall sensor is slowed and complicated by the problems that show up for the first time at integration testing. This is due in large part to the interdependencies of these subsystems that cannot be effectively tested during development. Later, software patches, configuration upgrades, waveform changes, and technology refresh become substantially more expensive because they can only be verified by traveling to the operational site to connect with the actual front-end hardware.

The VREX Benefits

The Virtual Receiver/EXciter (VREX) addresses these challenges through the use of a simulated front-end. The figure below shows an electromagnetic sensor with a real front end and a simulated front end as alternative sources of I&Q data for the back-end. VREX provides a high-fidelity radar system simulation that enables back-end testing in a test center environment without the front-end hardware. This innovative approach reduces the time and cost of sensor development in many ways.

  • No need to travel to the operational site to test the system both in development and for subsequent upgrades or maintenance
  • Substantial reduction in development and integration time through the ability to simulate the back-end early in the development cycle and to exercise the software more thoroughly than is possible with the real hardware
  • Reduced cycle time due to the ability to perform integration of the back-end with the simulator while simultaneously performing developmental testing of the front-end. In effect, the number of available assets is increased.
  • Ability to execute VREX on commercial off-the-shelf hardware that is readily available. This also means that increases in performance will be possible as technology improves over time.

VREX Models the Environment and simulates the RF impact.

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