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VREX High Performance


The FishEye Software Virtual Receiver/EXciter (VREX) is platform-independent and can run on off-the-shelf COTS hardware with varying operating systems. This allows very high performance as measured in the number of targets that can be processed per second and the corresponding I&Q data that can be generated.

However, FishEye has developed a framework that allows VREX to execute on General Purpose Graphics Processing Units with thousands of processors running in parallel. This massively parallel configuration allows extraordinarily high performance that is well beyond what is usually needed for front-end simulation.

The ability to generate such large scenarios also enhances the quality of the testing – more problems can be uncovered and resolved while the radar is in the laboratory environment, well before actual hardware integration in the field. Even with actual hardware in the field, the ability to generate this many targets does not exist, so for most systems, this level of testing has never been performed.

VREX allows the developer to have extremely high confidence in their back-end software throughout the lifecycle of the product.

VREX Performance

Simulator Performance

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