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Q: I’m using DDS, what does the RTTK real-time platform offer?

Q: We are using DDS and they have a DDS recorder tool and can sniff DDS messages and dump .csv files in real-time. How can RTTK help us?

A: Areas where the RTTK Real-Time Platform might help:

  • Comprehensive System Data Capture – Capture comprehensive internal, external, and intra-system data (nor just DDS messaging). Data like internal system data (from Java, Ada, and C++ software), data from other network protocols (e.g., UDP, TCP, MODBUS, NTP), and data from data files.
  • Maximum Performance – Capture data in the least intrusive manner and store in high-performance high-volume formats (HDF4 or native binary).
  • Real-Time Caliber Data Archive – Avoid large and slow data archive in text or CSV format.  CSV is convenient record a little bit of data but when they get the system going it will become a drag on system resources using larges amounts of storage and excessive processing converting to/from binary.
  • Analyze in Real-Time – Analyze data in real-time and reduce or eliminate post processing and post analysis.  See what your system is doing in plots and assess results with algorithms in real-time.
  • Smart Filtering – Use four layers of smart data filtering to capture the most important data needed and discard and avoid processing and storage of irrelevant data