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Real-Time Data Capture, Analysis, Distribution enabling Prognostics and Remote Maintenance of Heterogeneous Autonomous Systems


The  “Real Time Tool Kit” (RTTK)  technology for capture, analysis, and distribution of real-time enables prognostics and remote maintenance of complex heterogeneous & autonomous systems. RTTK reduces costs and accelerates development, integration, and test of remote and autonomous complex systems with:

  • capture data from various hardware and software subsystems of an systems into a unified datastream,
  • stream data to archives, analysis, and networks that is configurable in the field
  • store real-time data in a reductionless & platform-portable archive to simplify access and reduce time and costs sharing and analyzing data
  • use real-time analytics to avoid the burden irrelevant and redundant data and store and transmit on the most relevant data
  • real-time and near-real-time remote access with a platform for exposing, storing, and forwarding data over intermittent and non-ideal data links

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