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Real-Time Data Capture

Real-Time Capture with Real Time Platform (RTTK)

The FishEye Real-Time Platform (RTTK) captures application binary data as “Fundamental Data Artifacts” (FDA). In Real-Time, RTTK uses Metadata to dynamically expose, manipulate, and analyze application data. The platform includes MetaGen, a tool to extract application Metadata from program source code and object code and allows manual Metadata extraction (XML) and via Application Programmer Interface (API).



The RTTK platform uses a patent pending approach eliminates data manipulation to offer the fastest possible non-intrusive data capture. There are three different ways to capture data shown in the diagram below. RTTK allows for the fusion of data that is captured from all these methods into a single data set.

Application API – An application API is provided that allows extraction of data from internal code. Application modifications can be performed manually or if data collection is consistently performed within the application, the API can be inserted manually to either replace existing data collection or to supplement it. API calls are minimally intrusive to the application performance.

File Access – RTTK can extract data from an application data file during run-time or from an offline archive.

Subscription – RTTK can subscribe to topics published through DDS or other similar protocols.

Playback – RTTK can inject data that has been collected back into the application for playback functionality.

This variety of methods allows access to internal data that would not normally be available in real-time. It also allows the developer to minimize application performance impacts and to provide maximum flexibility for handling the captured data as it is being collected in real-time.

RTTK also provides analysis, distribution, and visualization capabilities.

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