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Real-Time Distribution

Real-Time Distribution with Real Time Platform (RTTK)

The RTTK platform captures and analyzes data in real-time, generating a set of Fundamental Data Artifacts (FDA) that can be distributed through many mechanisms as shown in the figure below. As shown in the figure below, the resulting FDAs can be published to a publish/subscribe protocol such as DDS, streamed to a third party application, saved to an archive, or communicated through a network locally or remotely.


Mapping of FDAs to these various mechanisms is configured by the user through a file. An FDA can be sent through multiple distribution channels.

  1. Archive – Data can be saved to a file for later processing or storage. Data can be saved in human readable text files or in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5), which is a self-describing open standard binary format. Other formats are available or can be easily added.
  2. Publish / Subscribe – Topics can be published through the Data Distribution Service (DDS). DDS allows control of communication reliability as well as allowing multiple subscribers for each topic.
  3. Streaming – Data can be streamed to third party applications for visualization. Multiple visualization tools are supported and more are constantly being added. Users can also stream data to any other application.
  4. Network Communication – Data can be distributed to any other desired network communication protocol through a local area network, or via a long distance wide area network.

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