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Real-Time Streaming Kongsberg

Real Time Streaming into Kongsberg Gallium from Real Time Platform (RTTK)

FishEye has integrated Kongsberg Gallium InterMAPhics (This could be a hyperlink to the Intermaphics main page on the Kongsberg website) with the Real Time Platform (RTTK). (This would be a hyperlink back to the main RTTK page) Data can be streamed from RTTK to visualize geospatial data for situational awareness and command and control display applications.

Complex systems generate large amounts of data in real time and typically, this data cannot be analyzed or visualized until the test or mission is complete. The integration of RTTK allows data to be streamed in real time and displayed while the test or mission is underway. RTTK provides capture and analysis including filtering of the data while InterMAPhics provides high-performance geospatial display.

Together, RTTK and InterMAPhics enable real-time geographic visual analysis of streaming, fused, and previously unavailable heterogeneous systems data for:

• Geospatial situational awareness
• Command and control data fusion
• Geospatial analysis
• Radar and weapons spatial analysis
• Air traffic control testing
• Remote system monitoring and maintenance

Refined and enhanced over more than two decades, InterMAPhics is the world leader for development of performance oriented Command and Control systems. It provides developers with every necessary feature to build display systems for defense, air traffic control and other mission critical applications. Deployed in systems worldwide, InterMAPhics is at the heart of key applications including:

• Air defense
• Missile defense
• Air surveillance
• Naval command and control
• Homeland security
• Air traffic control
• Vessel traffic management

Building this capability with custom data collection usually found in large systems is expensive and takes time to develop as compared to the RTTK/InterMAPhics integration which is available today.

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