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White Paper PDF – Liberating Real-Time Data via HDF5

White Paper PDF – Liberating Real-Time Data via HDF5

White Paper PDF (no subscription)- Liberating Real-Time Data via HDF5


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The Fastest Approach for Exposing Embedded Data for Analysis, Machine Learning, and Cloud-Enabled Services


Executive Summary

The mission of The HDF Group is to provide rapid, easy and permanent access to complex data. FishEye’s vision is “Synthesizing the world’s real-time data”. This white paper is intended for embedded system users, software engineers, integrators, and testers that use or want to use HDF5 to access, collect, use and analyze machine data. FishEye has developed an innovative process that provides the most efficient method to expose embedded data that simplifies and liberates data for real-time analysis, machine learning, and cloud-enabled services.

This paper describes FishEye’s approach to liberating the variety of complex data schemes and formats found in embedded systems through a simple approach that leverages the high-performance and massively scalable HDF5 data file format. FishEye’s process allows heterogeneous data sources to be homogenized into a single standard to facilitate real-time analysis and machine learning.

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