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Understand Your System 1-Line-of-Code! Video

Understand Your System 1-Line-of-Code! Video

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Regardless of what industry you’re in, odds are that your company is more dependent than ever on embedded technologies ranging from radar systems and the industrial Internet-of-Things to robotics and self-driving vehicles.

These complex systems are designed to rapidly consume data, and then use that data to make decisions and produce time-sensitive results, but they are also inherently difficult to understand. That’s because they’re not designed to provide the kind of granular internal data needed to optimize and validate performance or identify problems. As a result, the volume, velocity and variety of machine-specific binary data flying through these systems are creating significant challenges for the organizations charged with creating, integrating and maintaining them.

Approaching such challenges by adding components such as debuggers, text logs and binary archives can generate the sought-after results, but such instrumentation can also impede performance, increase costs and add complications throughout the lifecycle.

What’s more, it’s an incredibly complicated process requiring elaborate software to post-process data and translate it between platforms. Organizations must write programs to access the data, manually code or create a data dictionary, and train engineers on how to access the data.

It’s this time- and resource-intensive problem that FishEye has set out to solve with its Real-Time Toolkit (RTTK), a software platform that offers an alternative to traditional real-time data capture and analysis. Through a proprietary process called “Meta-Data Injection,” our automated tools peer into your applications to extract meta-data and take high-performance snap-shots of application data in real-time.

Doing so enables top-level performance at runtimes, and all the while the desired data is stored in an open and portable format that can be read in real time, understood without additional project-specific tools, and directly copied and accesses across a heterogeneous computing environment. No data conversion or post processing is necessary.

RTTK offers a simple and graceful solution for capturing, analyzing, distributing and visualizing the critical real-time data your embedded systems need to run at peak performance.

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