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Raytheon nominates FishEye for SBANE 2013 Innovation Award


MAYNARD, MA – February 18, 2013 –  Congratulations to FishEye on it’s nomination from Raytheon for SBANE’s New England Innovation Awards.

SBANE states FishEye is, “…in excellent company! SBANE has been honoring innovative companies for 27 years…this prestigious award boasts some of the most recognizable companies (selected in their early stage of business) in its “Circle of Excellence” such as Staples, Nantucket Nectars, Ben & Jerry’s, Brooks Automation, Direct Tire, Genzyme Corporation, Security Dynamics, Imagitas!, KRONOS, Aurora Imaging Corporation and iRobot.”

FishEye’s innovation is recognized by Raytheon and will have the opportunity to share with SBANE:

  • Their Compelling idea/technology
  • Demonstrate significant benefit to users and address market need or create a new market
  • Marketplace success measured by profit, volume, growth rate, customer commitments, user reviews, ROI, and market impact

SBANE Business Award FishEye Application

About FishEye

FishEye Software is a software products and software engineering service company headquartered in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. Since 1997, the company has been developing, integrating and testing mission-critical and operational software for government and commercial customers in systems like phased-array radars, air-traffic control, missile defense, and command and control.

Innovate real-time embedded and big data systems with FishEye. The Real-Time Tool Kit (RTTK) offers the fastest portable infrastructure to capture, analyze and distribute big data in real-time [check out the Free RTTK Demo]. The Virtual REX (VREX) simulates high-fidelity radar. FishEye’s Engineering Services deliver software development, integration, and test of complex real-time systems.

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