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FishEye Company Description

FishEye is a Boston area based technology company specializing in real-time software products and engineering services. Since 1998, FishEye has been developing, integrating and testing mission-critical, real-time software for government and commercial applications.  FishEye’s technology and expertise spans radar systems, air-traffic management, missile defense, and command and control applications. FishEye is reshaping the worlds’ fastest mission critical systems by delivering an innovative suite of products built to manage and analyze big data in real-time.

FishEye Meets the Needs of its Markets

The defense industry and more recently commercial industries have shown growing demand for real-time systems and real-time analytics applications. A Gartner Special Report identified the trend in demand for “actionable analytics” and “…more embedded in real-time applications accessible by nontraditional analytics users” as one of “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013”.  Recent Google searches show a sky rocketing increase in search terms like “Real-Time Analytics”, “Actionable Analytics” and “Big Data”.  In a February 14, 2013  Wall Street Journal article, Tom Captain, vice chairman and US aerospace and defense leader for Deloitte LLP’s , says to “…expect game changing technology innovations to continue to be created within the global A&D (aerospace & defense) industry into the future.”  FishEye, with a decade of “rocket-science” real-time experience, sees the ever present challenge in defense systems and the emerging commercial world trend of ever increasing need extract value from the explosion of more data in real-time.

FishEye’s Compelling Technology & Approaches – Reshaping Real-Time

FishEye’s first-hand experience with customers’ growing real-time data challenges led FishEye to proactively develop and productize a solution.  FishEye’s compelling innovation is the first ever off-the-shelf technology that uses a machine-native binary architecture to deliver real-time handling of big data. This game changing product combines capabilities to capture, analyze and distribute massive amounts of data in real-time while maintaining open and portable data access.

Within a budget constrained defense market, FishEye is leveraging this technology to deliver leading-edge defensive industry technology to the commercial markets. The two-pronged approach includes:

  1. Providing technology that improves the performance while lowing risk and costs of the development, integration and test of real-time mission critical systems
  2. Continuing to offer leading-edge engineering talent at reduced costs with an inviting work-environment and with an aggressive approach to identify efficiencies from economies of scale.

FishEye Demonstrates the Significant Benefits to their Users

FishEye’s innovative real-time data application reduces development cost and risk by:

  • Compressing the data collection and analysis timeline
  • Eliminating the costly maintenance of intermediate processing software
  • Reduced maintenance and operation costs via remote access to engineering data
  • Enabling the assessment of system performance in real-time.

Integrators and Testers can use data captured in real-time to diagnose problems, verify proper operation, and automate testing. FishEye is contributing to a safer, informed and real-time world.