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SBANE Innovation Award Application VREX

FishEye Company Description

FishEye is a Boston area based technology company specializing in real-time software products and engineering services. Since 1998, FishEye has been developing, integrating and testing mission-critical, real-time software for government and commercial applications.  FishEye’s technology and expertise spans radar systems, air-traffic management, missile defense, and command and control applications. FishEye is reshaping the worlds’ fastest mission critical systems by delivering an innovative suite of products built to manage and analyze big data in real-time.

FishEye Meets the Needs of its Markets

A major challenge and expense of developing electromagnetic sensors is the custom hardware required to generate and receive electromagnetic waves. Radar sensors generate and receive electromagnetic waveforms through custom signal processing hardware called a Receiver / Exciter (REX). The REX is complex, expensive, and custom made. When sensor systems are built, the “back-end” signal and data processing hardware and software and the “front-end” antenna and REX hardware must be designed and integrated. The development of sensors is slowed and complicated by this separate but interdependent hardware and software. Furthermore, there is no capability to test software patches, configuration upgrades or waveform frequency changes without the expense of traveling to the operational site to connect with the sensor front-end hardware.

FishEye’s Compelling Technology & Approaches

This project applies the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) to develop a modular and open “Virtual” or VREX reusable subsystem. The VREX allows testing sensor software patches, configuration upgrades or waveform frequency changes without the need to modify or access the physical electromagnetic hardware. The VREX offers a reusable, commercial off-the-shelf REX module to accelerate radar innovation and lower the expense of developing, testing, and maintaining sensor systems. The VREX fills a crucial capability lapse in the current radar development and upgrade efforts.

FishEye Demonstrates the Significant Benefits to their Users

Currently, without radar front-end hardware, test centers can exercise the mission software with digital simulation but not with the signal processing software. The VREX provides high-fidelity radar system simulation and enables signal processing testing in the test center environment without the expense of radar front-end hardware. This innovative approach reduces the time required to test a new release and reduces the need for radar and test engineers to travel to remote radar sites. The VREX also provides a design tool for system engineers to experiment with various radar characteristics before making a substantial investment in building hardware. The VREX provides a commercial off-the-shelf configurable tool supporting many radar types and thus is an inexpensive and innovative solution for designing and testing radar systems.

SBANE Press Release