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Real-Time Platform – Real-Time Data Capture Analysis Distribution

Real-TimeFisheye’s Real Time Platform (RTTK) provides a platform for capture, analysis, distribution complex real-time systems data streams.  The Real Time Platform manages the data flow and meta-data for systems comprised of varying architectures, multigenerational & heterogeneous computing to provide the fastest capture, analysis, and distribution of machine data.  The Real Time Platform software provides platform-independent and data-agnostic data management allowing user defined control of what data is captured, analyzed, and distributed.  In real time, data can be archived, analyzed, or aggregated, leading to actions that include alerts to the operator, publication of the resulting data, generation of displays for the operator, streamed to provide real-time visualization, or other actions based on complex criteria.

The FishEye Real-Time Platform provides foundational technology to capture, understand, and share real-time machine data to help improve capabilities and reduce costs and risks in the development, test, maintenance and operation complex embedded systems. The Real Time Platform supports industry areas that include complex systems including platforms (aircraft, ships, etc.), stationary systems (factories, utility plants, robotics), or defense systems (radars, electronic warfare systems, etc.).


Radar Front End Simulation – Real-Time Electromagnetic Simulation of the Impossible

control3Radar systems include a front-end that interacts with the real world electromagnetic environment and a back-end that performs data analysis and command/control.  Typically, these are developed separately and integrated in the field, resulting in lengthy field testing on-site and corresponding large costs.  The Fisheye VREX (Virtual Receiver/Exciter) acts as a configurable front-end, generating I&Q data that represents arbitrarily complex scenarios processed through actual waveforms.  The VREX is fully extensible through addition of external scenario generators and analysis engines.

With VREX connected to an actual back-end subsystem, it is possible to evaluate waveform effectiveness, real-time performance, and algorithm correctness.  With the addition of the Fisheye Real Time Platform (RTTK), it is possible to capture and analyze data within the VREX as well as within the back-end as it flows through the system.

The VREX speeds radar development and integration while reducing the time required for on-site or in-flight integration, waveform evaluation, performance measurement, and other such efforts that are substantially less expensive to perform in the lab environment.  VREX delivers savings and risk reduction over the life of the system as enhancements, waveform changes, and back-end software modifications are installed.


Data Bridge – Complex System Remote Diagnostics and Sustainment

The Fisheye Data Bridge provides the mechanisms for effective transfer of data from one location to another for the purpose of remote monitoring or data exchange.  Complex systems have multiple, large data streams flowing through their networks.  The Data Bridge extracts the most important data from these streams, then allows analysis of this data in real-time.  The data can be aggregated, curated, or archived and can also be sent quickly and accurately offsite through a communication link.  Bandwidth utilization is optimized by sending only what is necessary.  Results of the analysis can result in other actions, display of the data to an operator or the generation of relevant alerts.

The Data Bridge can be applied to platforms such as aircraft, ships (referred to as Shore Bridge), unmanned vehicles, intelligently connected autos.  It can also be used for stationary installations such as factories or utility plants.

Remote monitoring allows maintenance management from a remote location and reduces the staffing needed at the site while providing faster, more accurate assessments of status.


Real-Time System Test & Integration

Test and Integration of complex systems requires broad and deep experience and the ability to see what is going on internal to the system under test so that problems can be quickly identified and corrected.  FishEye’s engineering team averages over 27 years of experience in integrating complex real-time systems. Fisheye’s Real Time Platform (RTTK) adds the capability to capture, analyze, and display information from multiple data sources in real-time without interfering with normal system operation.  RTTK is fully configurable and platform-independent out of the box.  The enhanced visibility that RTTK provides will reduce the effort and cost involved in performing the test and integration, including updates that are developed over the life of the system.


Real-Time Software Development

programmerDuring software development of real-time applications, it is critical to have visibility into the operation of the software to allow efficient identification of errors and misbehavior in the developed product.  Fisheye’s Real Time Platform (RTTK) provides a configurable mechanism for capturing information from multiple data sources without interfering with the functionality or performance of the developed software.  The captured data can be recorded, analyzed, and/or displayed in real-time so that it can be evaluated by the developer or even automatically compared to desired results.  Results of analysis can be published to other applications and/or captured and archived itself for later detailed analysis by the developer.  RTTK is fully configurable and platform-independent out of the box.

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