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Space and Missile Defense Conference 2014



Visit FishEye at Booth #1421 at the SMD Symposium

Leading edge full-lifecycle software engineering services & products for real-time sensors & systems.

  • How the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) can cut costs of $267m through open data & real-time streaming analysis
  • High fidelity real-time rex simulation on scalable, upgradeable, inexpensive commercial hardware to test & simulate more while reducing costs & flight test risks
  • Free trial of the fastest real-time data & analysis architecture
  • “Modeling & Simulation of Distributed Heterogeneous System Data” Wednesday at 2:20 PM
  • “Virtual Radar Modeling & Simulation in Real-Time” Wednesday at 3:30

Call 800-513-0881 with questions or meeting requests

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FishEye Selected to Speak

The 2014 Space & Missile Defense Symposium will feature many senior level national and international speakers to educate SMD attendees of the “Modeling & Simulation Technology Track”. If attending, join us to learn how to improve your projects.

bob-chisholm-bio100Bob Chisholm, FishEye CEO – Presents:

“Modeling & Simulation of Distributed Heterogeneous System Data”

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 2:20 pm

ted-selig-bio-100Ted Selig, FishEye Director & COO – Presents:

“Virtual Radar Modeling & Simulation in Real-Time”

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 3:30 pm

FishEye Redstone Rocket Newspaper

Kongsberg_logo100Learn How to Stream & Visualize Geospatial Data

Improve situational awareness and command and control display applications

  1. Geospatial situational awareness
  2. Fuse data for command and control
  3. Radar and weapons spatial analysis
  4. Geospatial analysis
  5. Air traffic control testing
  6. Remote system monitoring and maintenance

Learn more about FishEye and Kongsberg

matlab-logo100IGNITE MATLAB!

Leverage MATLAB’s powerful visualization and analysis in a real-time operational environment. Learn more about FishEye and Matlab