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Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 1, No. 3 – August, 2018

Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 1, No. 3 – August, 2018

Team Travels: Ben C. & Peter M. at work in “Typhoon Alley”


In This Issue

FishEye in Top 2% of Raytheon Suppliers & Wins 5th Excellence Award
The Best Team
FishEye Huntsville
Missile Defense Agency selects FishEye
News from the Corner Office
Software Engineer Jobs
FishEye to Begin Work to Sustain and Modernize U.S. Army Missile Defense
June Survey Results
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Team Travels


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FishEye in Top 2% of Raytheon Suppliers & Wins 5th Excellence Award


Raytheon Supplier Excellence Award FishEye Software post


3 starOn May 16, 2018, Raytheon (NYSE:RTN) recognized FishEye Software, Inc. at the 2018 IDS Supplier Excellence Conference.

Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business instituted the annual Supplier Excellence Awards program to recognize suppliers who have provided outstanding service and partnership in exceeding customer requirements. Award candidates are judged on certain criteria, including overall quality and on-time delivery.

FishEye was one of 66 companies recognized by Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business for 3-Star honors.

Blog Post



The Best Team


the best team


Celebrate FishEye Anniversaries


– Stan N. – 2nd anniversary with FishEye was June 20, 2018
– Tim L. – 1st anniversary with FishEye was June 21, 2018
Bob C. – 13th anniversary with FishEye was July 25, 2018
Bob Chisholm, CEO – 21st anniversary with FishEye was July 26th, 2018



A Profile on Stan N.


Title: Systems EngineerStan

Where you work: Maynard and Woburn, MA

I retired after 46 years at Raytheon as a Senior Principal Engineering Fellow. Shortly after that, I contacted FishEye and became a part time consultant, doing technical editing and proposals.

After the required waiting period, I contacted Raytheon and was able to go back to work two days a week. At that time, roughly two years ago, I joined the FishEye team.

My original background was in computing systems hardware development. That segued into systems engineering and more recently into software.

I am currently working on the AN/TPY-2 program as an individual contributor. I am focused on maintaining the continuous integration through maintenance of unit tests and other enablers. I plan to continue on a part time basis for the immediate future before I retire again.

I have three children (one works at Raytheon on the same project) and eight grandchildren. Two of these are in college and all the others are under 6 years old. I recently started playing duplicate bridge as a hobby.



A Profile on Tim L.


Tim L

Tim gets it done with Mountain Dew and a bluetooth implant.


Title: Senior Systems Administrator and Information Systems Engineer

Where you work: Maynard, MA

What are you working on: Day-to-day IT work in Maynard, implementing Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), buildout of a new Sustainment Lab

I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I started my career as a RADAR systems engineer at MITRE. After MITRE, I made a career change to IT and have over 20+ years building systems and data centers around the world for some of the largest technology companies, like IBM and Oracle. At IBM, I developed a passion for everything in the “cloud” and continue to follow the trends and technology enhancements as that space grows.

Personal Information: Hobbies – too many … right now … reliving childhood through the kids (and hoping not relearning or picking up the bad hobbies).



A Profile on Bob C.


bob cTitle: Software Engineer

Where you work: Marlborough, MA

What you are working: S-Band Product Line, developing code in C++ and test scripts in MATLAB

Personal information: I am an avid Syracuse University sports fan. I am proud to learning from my Ph.D. committee chair (Dave Musser), one of the three people credited with creating the C++ Standard Template Library. I enjoy time with my wife, and son as well as with a pet bird and three degus.



FishEye in Huntsville


July saw FishEye begin work on the new Radar Test Contract (RTC) (More details are provided in the next article). The Radar Test Contract, funded through the Missile Defense Agency, performs Hardware in the Loop (HWIL) testing of ground-based missile defense sensors. Work is being performed at the Advanced Research Center (ARC) in Huntsville, Alabama. FishEye is no stranger to these systems, having worked with Raytheon on much of the original software and firmware development. FishEye team-members fill roles as operators, analysts and test leads. This experienced team has already been recognized by the customer for the manner in which they seamlessly transitioned onto the program.

In addition to the work at the ARC, the program supports sensor flight and ground tests, requiring FishEye team members to deploy to radar sites from ranging from the arctic circle to the equator. The program runs through 2023.

Below is a picture of the Huntsville HWIL test team. Larry F., not back from some time off in Greece, missed the photo op. We managed to obtain this rare photo of him from Greece.


FishEye Software Huntsville

Looking cool and calm in the refreshing 95-degree breeze of a mid-July afternoon in Huntsville, the team takes a break. (Left to Right) Larry C., Matt T., Dwight I., Jacob A., Ben N., Matt W. (Program Manager), Lacon H. (Not pictured: Larry F.)


Larry F

Looking hot and calm in the refreshing 95-degree Greek breeze Larry F.



FishEye Starts New Test, Modeling and Simulation Project


ballistic missile defense systems


Missile Defense Agency selects Raytheon and FishEye Software, Inc. for Ballistic Missile Defense System testing, modeling and simulation work.


MAYNARD, Mass., Jan. 15, 2018 (NASDAQ GLOBENEWSWIRE) — On Friday, January 12, Raytheon (NYSE:RTN) together with FishEye Software, Inc. was awarded an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with a stated maximum value of $641,758,000. Under this contract, the contractors will perform ballistic missile defense system (BMDS) test related activities for multiple radar platforms. This includes planning, executing, and analyzing sensor performance in BMDS flight and ground tests, for each test event defined in the BMDS integrated master test plan.

The radar test contract effort also includes sensors modeling and simulation activities to include Open Systems Architecture Sensor Model (OSM) and Open Systems Architecture Signal Injector (OSI) development and maintenance, integration of OSI with hardware-in-the-loop radar representations, integration of OSI and OSM with the simulation framework, verification and validation support, and stakeholder/event support.

This award is the result of a competitive procurement. The Missile Defense Agency, Huntsville, Alabama, is the contracting activity (HQ0147-18-D-0003).


Insight from the Corner Office


News from the corner office 270

Fake News on the right and Fake News on the left. You get it from both directions these days. But I’ll tell you one thing that is fake news: reports that I’ve been going into the fridge, taking people’s personal food items, crossing out their name and writing my own. Look, it’s pure coincidence that Jim and I happened to bring in leftover linguine and smoked eel on the same day. I don’t know what happened to his, but the one in the fridge was definitely mine.


News From the Corner Office_Jul2018

You should clearly mark your food so people know it’s yours.


This isn’t a problem unique to FishEye. One engineer at IBM reported that 15 pounds worth of rotisserie-roasted guinea pig went missing from the company refrigerator over the span of two weeks. Wilford Spicks, head of the Lunch Meat Recipes Department (LMRD) at the Food and Drug Administration, is an authority on the theft of food in the workplace. “We suspect most of it disappears as the result of custodial staff disposing of hairy yogurts and the like. But some amount, and it might be tiny, statistically insignificant (we’re really not sure), but some amount must be disappearing due to theft. We need to believe that. Otherwise this study has been an incredible waste of taxpayer money.”

But the atmosphere in the break room back at FishEye has turned positively vengeful. I was recently the subject of a targeted rancid baloney attack. Coming across a package of baloney that looked exactly like mine, I helped myself to several slices. While it was somewhat slimier than my baloney typically is, it wasn’t completely inedible, provided you slathered enough mustard on it. After enjoying several slices on some bonus Wonder Bread (that I’m sure was mine, but had just forgotten about), I noticed that the baloney appeared to be moving about all on its own. This was no deli meat disco, but rather the beginning of an infestation of maggots. It was then that I realized that this was not, in fact, my baloney. I use a Sharpie™ to individually mark each slice of my baloney with my initials. These slices, however, were wholly uninscribed. I had been duped by fraudulent baloney!

Needless to say, I spent much of the afternoon somewhat indisposed. But I’m not a quitter. No sir! I had one of the interns wheel a cart loaded with my laptop, phone, an extra monitor, headphones, notebook, office supplies, and a six pack of beer (in case I happened to start feeling better) down to the Men’s room where I set up shop. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this from that very place now. By the way, some people really seem to lose their patience when they can’t access the stall for several hours.

I feel I have every right to voice my indignation to Bob Chisholm (he’s the company CEO) were it not for an unfortunate incident in which I accidentally consumed some leftover Pad Thai belonging to him. Admittedly, the container was marked with his name, but the lettering was very faded so I really felt I was doing him a favor, because surely this stuff was well past its expiration date.

Well, not only is it quitting time, but the cleaning crew should be arriving soon and I don’t want to be around when that happens. Remember to like me on Facebook™. I have no idea what that means, but I see it all over the place. I also hear people talking about “hashtags” all the time. I think it might be a type of fish. It’s very popular these days to serve fish that twenty years ago no one would have ever considered eating. If you go into a fancy restaurant you’re likely to end up paying $40 for something called Scandinavian Monkey Fish. God only knows what that is, but it’s invariably served up as an isolated island of about two ounces of white fish in the ocean of a giant dinner platter, sprouting a fig of mint like a palm tree. At the same time if you try to order something more traditional, like fish sticks, the waiter sneers at you and says, “I’m sorry sir. We don’t serve fish sticks because that species is endangered.” First of all, he doesn’t sound sorry. And secondly, it’s not like I’m responsible for single handedly wiping out the entire fish stick fish stock. I’ve probably eaten a total of 500 fish sticks my entire life. That should leave about 900,999 quadrillion fish sticks still swimming around the oceans.

Uh, oh. Sounds like someone with a bucket and a mop coming down the hall. I’d better go.


Software Engineer Jobs




Looking for Site Support Volunteers


FishEye is looking for people to support site testing starting in March of 2019 and December 2019. We are looking for volunteers interested in a short site project at locations in California, Alaska, Massachusetts, UK, and Greenland. The project provides per-diem, overtime pay, and an exciting adventure. If you have an interest or can recommend someone please contact Bob Chisholm.


Software Engineer Jobs



FishEye Software, Inc. beginning new program Sustaining and Modernizing U.S. Army Missile Defense




Huntsville AL, July 27, 2018 (GLOBENEWSWIRE) — FishEye Software, Inc. is beginning work on a contract to sustain and modernize missile defense and other strategic systems operated by the U.S. Army.

The multi-year contract will be for various critical systems, including Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD).

FishEye will use the company’s expertise in real-time systems to speed delivery of software upgrades across the supported systems to improve them without interrupting critical missions.

Work will be conducted in Huntsville, AL. FishEye will directly employ software engineers in the Huntsville, AL area.


Software Engineer Jobs



June Survey Results


Well we can’t say we are great at surveys. Only 11 people started the survey and most of them seemed to be stumped by the questions since only four completed the survey. At any rate, here is some feedback from the survey.







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Anonymously share how we can improve FishEye for you!


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Team Travels


Team Travels: Ben C. & Peter M. at work in “Typhoon Alley”





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