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Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 2, No. 1 – May, 2019

Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 2, No. 1 – May, 2019

Dan S. headed to work.




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The Best Team


AFCEA moves FishEye to the Finalist Stage for Small Business of the Year for 2019

AFCEA moves FishEye to the Finalist Stage for Small Business of the Year for 2019

The AFCEA International chapter Lexington-Concord nominated FishEye Software, Inc. for “The Small Business of the Year Award” for its demonstrable commitment to promulgating AFCEA goals; exceptional contributions to national defense; genuine dedication to employee welfare; and exceptional support of the community.

FishEye Software was one of the chosen nominees moving from the nomination to the finalist stage.

It’s a true testament of FishEye’s focus and dedication to the small business community.

The voting process is underway and we will notify our news and blog subscribers if FishEye is selected.

In 2017, Bob Chisholm, CEO was awarded AFCEA International “Small Business Person of the Year”.



Blog Post





Welcome New Team Members


– Thuan T. – 12/3/18
– Will J. – 1/7/19


Celebrate FishEye Anniversaries


Bill Kenny – 10/15/1998
– Peter G. – 11/15/1998
– Linh T. – 10/15/2001
– Bill S. – 10/20/2001
– Lynn M. – 10/9/2006
– Kevin M. – 11/20/2006
Ted Selig – 10/2/2010
– Steve O. – 10/2/2012
– Tho N. – 10/15/2012
– Anteneh K. – 12/1/2014
– Jim S. – 12/8/2014
– Ralph J. – 10/17/2015
– Jacob A. – 11/9/2015
– Emre T. – 12/8/2015
– Kathy H. – 10/2/2017
– Paul B. – 10/9/2017
– Dan S. – 12/4/2017
– Ben C. – 12/11/2017



Meet Bill Kenny, Chief Financial Officer


That’s actually a picture of Bill working in his yard. He lives in a little red house in the background. Every spring the snapping turtles lay a bunch of eggs in his pond. Bill and his friends use that pond to race motorized model beavers. The eggs interfere with the slapping motion of the beaver tails so Bill has to go out with his metal stick and knock all the eggs out of the way. He’s actually turned this chore into its own form of entertainment by trying to hit the eggs into a little hole that he digs in his lawn. He calls this game “I hate f&%$@#* beavers!”

By Skip Feeble


Learn more about Bill









Meet Bill P.


Play the video of Bill’s colorful harvest. It will make you “Oh So Hungry”! Some of his entries into the Topsfield Fair this year earned some well-deserved ribbons and awards.

Bill P Video




Bilbo Day


Did you know, Bill P. is the founder of Bilbo day? Bilbo day is celebrated every December and is one of FishEyes’ official holidays.

Chateau at Dudley Pond

Chateau at Dudley Pond


Technically Bilbo Day is my birthday which is December 23rd. When we were young and still working for TRW we use to go out on the 23rd. But once we got older and married with kids it was too difficult to go out and celebrate two days before Christmas. So Bill Kenny defined Bilbo day in the Fisheye Handbook as the last working day before the Christmas Shutdown. But even then it was difficult to plan a date in December. So when December 1st comes around we start sending emails around to determine what day is good for everyone. Usually, a date between the 16th and 21st of December is chosen. The traditional venue for Bilbo Day has been a dive bar near the Raytheon Plant in Wayland Ma called the Chateau at Dudley Pond. But when Raytheon Wayland closed down in 1996, many people started working at Raytheon Bedford and Tewksbury and eventually Woburn, it became difficult to go to the Chateau. But the last 3 years we have celebrated Bilbo Day at the Chateau. So that’s Bilbo Day in a nutshell. By Bill P.





Meet Jacob A.



Title: Deputy Project Manager

Location: Huntsville, AL

Programs: UEWR/AN-TPY-2 HWIL. We are testing software updates for the systems that will be
fielded in the near future.

I have no idea what I’m doing day to day, I just do what random people higher up the food chain tells me to do. It has worked thus far, or people are scared I’ll squish them.

I have a wife and two daughters and a foster son. To offset the estrogen I’m also a blacksmith and make sharp pointy things and things to make the sharp pointy things.



Meet Emre T.



Joined FishEye in 2015

Location: Marlborough, MA

– Fortunate to leverage a broad range of skills in radar projects, from hands-on real-time software development and system analysis to leadership, adopting a number of software development methodologies, including agile. Currently contributing to the AMDR Program and related product line projects.

– Asked to contribute as a Site Manager in September 2017.

– Based on the last two FishEye holiday parties, realized that I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to picking the appropriate pair of pants that contains a friendly holiday theme.

– Love hiking, motorcycle riding, scuba diving and watching documentaries.

– Particularly enjoy reading thrillers which combine fact and fiction, such as Steve Berry and Dan Brown.



Meet Ted Selig



Ted S. Video


Title: Director & COO


Q. Where do you work?

A. Mostly in the Maynard office but I travel around the US seeking new business opportunities for FishEye and occasionally (worldwide) supporting project work.


Q. What you are working on?

A. Day to day my work is focused in three areas:

1 – Business Development with FishEye prospects and clients to discover how FishEye might solve their challenges

2 – Product Development with customers and the FishEye product team to define, build, and deliver software products that solve problems

3 – Operations with FishEye team members building processes and systems improving FishEye as a company

I am really excited about our recent work with machine-learning time-series prediction. I enjoy working with Bill S., Austin H., and others using machine learning to predict trends from streams of time-ordered data. FishEye has decades of experience working with time series data from all the embedded real-time systems we develop and support. It is neat to combine that experience along with the latest parallel processing technology (GPUs) to predict trends in a new way.


Q. Personal?

A. I live together with my wife Kim, son Adam (14), dog Lyle (35 dog years), and MIL. I think my MIL is trying to kill me with comfort food. I’m trying to combat her efforts with exercise. Skiing in Sugarbush, VT, and road and mountain biking around New England.



Maureen M.


Maureen M. is a member of the a cappella group “New England Voices in Harmony” was recently in a and having concert is 2 pm on March 2nd in Litchfield NH. The group was award is the 2018 International Gold Medal Chorus of Harmony held in Orlando Florida. New England Voices in Harmony is a local chapter based in Nashua, NH founded in January 2000.






A postcard from Elaine and John G.


Moments include the Blue Grotto in Capri, Mt. Vesuvius in Naples, the Amalfi Coast & lunch!



Site News


Site Managers

– Emre T., Site Manager, Marlborough
– Joe D., Site Manager, Tewksbury
– Erik S., Site Manager, Woburn
– Matt W., Site Manager, Huntsville
Bob Chisholm, CE0, Multi-sites
Ted Selig, COO, Maynard



FishEye participates at Raytheon Industry Day Washington DC


In March, Ted Selig, COO FishEye Software attended the Raytheon Industry Day to share with legislators why it is important to fund AMDR radars for the U.S. Navy. Ted dug a tie out of his closet to go “storm the hill” as they say. Bob usually attends this annual event but had other commitments. The two-day event was coordinated by Raytheon and involved a one-day briefing by Raytheon and some guest speakers on the programs and related budgetary legislation. Raytheon is organizing a campaign to support for budget to keep funding in the budget to install AMDR radars on two ships scheduled to go into dry-dock for rehabilitation. If the budget is not approved these ships will go back to sea without the latest radars and will probably never have a chance to get the radar in it’s remaining 20-year life span. Ted joined a group of several Massachusetts companies meeting with legislators and aids from districts throughout Massachusetts.


FishEye is a five-time award winner of the Raytheon IDS Supplier Excellence Award.


ted selig raytheon industry day





Recruiting Enhancements


We have set a goal of hiring over 10 new candidates in 2019. This objective has led to an initiative to improve our recruiting efforts. One of the first things we did was update our job descriptions on the website and have also implemented a best-in-class recruiting software system.

Job openings are now presented through this new system on this careers web page.


FishEye job openings



Software Engineering Intern, Maynard, MA



FishEye Software, a real-time system software development company located in Maynard MA, is looking for a software engineering intern to participate in software development, integration and testing of real-time radar software applications. The software engineering intern will work closely with an engineering team to design, implement, and debug software solutions in an agile environment. This is a paid internship during Summer 2019, with an expected start date of May 20th, 2019 and an expected end date of August 23rd, 2019.


[blog post]

[job openings]



AFCEA Fellowship Award


Kevin (2nd to the right of AFCEA sign)


Kevin has had an early start to his software career. He has been a member of the Shrewsbury high school Computer club since 9th grade and has served as the President for the past 3 years. He already has experience with computer languages like python, assembly, and javascript. I can tell Kevin will also bring a valued diverse perspective. He is the President of the school’s History Club and he supports the Political Action group, Helping Hands, and Service Learning Advisory Board.


Kevin is headed to College to major in computer science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


This summer he will join FishEye’s 60 engineers who love hard problems and building software for some of the most advanced radars and simulators in the world.


Kevin will be part of a 6-engineer team developing AI enabled real-time data capture helping the Missile Defense Agency capture and analyze good data immediately.



Looking for Radar Site Support Volunteers


FishEye is looking for people to support site testing starting in March of 2019 and December 2019. We are looking for volunteers interested in a short site project at locations in California, Alaska, Massachusetts, UK, and Greenland. The project provides per-diem, overtime pay, and an exciting adventure. If you have an interest or can recommend someone please contact Bob Chisholm.








Team Member Benefits



Benefits Web Page



Referral Bonus


You can receive a $3,000/$5,000 referral bonus after the new hire has worked 6 months. All positions require an active secret clearance. If you have want to refer someone, please contact Bob Chisholm.



Order FishEye Biz Cards


Build your network and stay in touch.


business card mockup400


If you would like business cards to help with your job and business networking we are happy to get them. Please email Kathy H. with a request.



Get a Phone Extension


FishEye has a voice over IP (VOIP) phone system. You can have your own FishEye extension by sending a request to Kathy H.


A FishEye VOIP extension provides you:

– Voicemail (emailed to you)
– Call forwarding (to your cell phone or desk phone)
– Faxing
– And more features



Seeking Your Opinion


In this newsletter we’ve shared what is happening at FishEye.

Now it’s your turn.

Email Us:
Bob Chisholm
Ted Selig



Contribute to the Next Newsletter


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