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Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 2, No. 2 – October, 2019

Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 2, No. 2 – October, 2019

Cornhole at the “Steel Beach BBQ” during Peter M.’s latest sail for FishEye.




In This Issue

FishEye’s Vision, Mission & Goals
The Best Team
Team Member Benefits
Team Travels
Seeking Your Opinion
Contribute to the Next Newsletter


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FishEye’s Vision, Mission & Goals


FishEye Software Vision


FishEye’s Vision

  • Synthesizing the world’s real-time data.


FishEye’s Mission

  • Provide real-time technology and services in an environment that attracts and inspires the best team.


FishEye’s Goals

  • Maintain an environment that attracts and inspires the best team.
  • Change the way the world does real-time.
  • Growth through innovation and diversification.


FishEye’s vision online



The Best Team


Welcome New Team Members


– Craig S. – 9/30/19 – He will be working in the Maynard office.


Celebrate FishEye Anniversaries


Team Member & Start Date


Lily Z. – 5/30/2017

Joe D. – 6/2/2004

Shannon L. – 6/5/2018

Stan N. – 6/20/2016

Timothy L. – 6/21/2017

Ben N. – 6/30/2018

Matt T. – 6/30/2018

Dwight I. – 6/30/2018

Gregg W. – 7/1/2019

Victoria M. – 7/2/2018

Larry C. – 7/14/2008

Robert C. – 7/25/2005

Bob C. – 7/26/1997

Doug A. – 7/28/2018

Stephen D. – 7/28/2018

Larry F. – 8/1/2018

Mark H. – 8/3/2015

Ralph R. – 8/7/2012

John G. – 8/13/1998

Erik S. – 8/14/2000

Elaine G. – 8/29/2005

Peter M. – 9/7/1999

Timothy C. – 9/13/1999

Zach D. – 9/17/2018

John S. – 9/22/2018

Andrea M. – 9/24/2018

Robin C. – 9/24/2018



Site Managers


– Emre T., Site Manager, Marlborough
– Joe D., Site Manager, Tewksbury
– Erik S., Site Manager, Woburn
– Matt W., Site Manager, Huntsville
Bob Chisholm, CE0, Multi-sites
Ted Selig, COO, Maynard




Today we arrived at FishEye Headquarters and noticed that there was a power glitch over the weekend which caused our network storage device to shutdown.

Ben put together a custom tool to turn on the network drive.

Kudos to him to make us more productive these next few days.

FishEye diligence!

Best regards,


Ben C.



Dinnah Pahrty

ox tail


“I know that on your last trip to Thule you weren’t all that enamored of the food. Let me assure you that ship fare makes the Thule food seem like haute cuisine. One night they served oxtail. I tried it and quickly learned that oxtail is basically bone and gristle. Guess they figured they had a captive audience and they could serve whatever they wanted.” Chris Howell



Team Member Benefits



Benefits Web Page



Order FishEye Biz Cards


Build your network and stay in touch.


business card mockup400


If you would like business cards to help with your job and business networking we are happy to get them. Please email Kathy H. with a request.



Get a Phone Extension


FishEye has a voice over IP (VOIP) phone system. You can have your own FishEye extension by sending a request to Kathy H.


A FishEye VOIP extension provides you:

– Voicemail (emailed to you)
– Call forwarding (to your cell phone or desk phone)
– Faxing
– And more features





We are making progress toward our 2019 goal of hiring over 10 new candidates.


Referral Bonus


You can receive a $3,000/$5,000 referral bonus after the new hire has worked 6 months. All positions require an active secret clearance. If you have want to refer someone, please contact Bob Chisholm.


Job openings




Looking for Radar Site Support Volunteers



FishEye is looking for people to support site testing. We are looking for volunteers interested in a short site project at locations in California, Alaska, Massachusetts, UK, and Greenland. The project provides per-diem, overtime pay, and an exciting adventure. If you have an interest or can recommend someone please contact Bob Chisholm.





FishEye invited to the Raytheon 2019 Technology Interchange Meeting


FishEye Participates At Raytheon 2019 Technology Interchange Meeting

Bob Chisholm, FishEye CEO (left) Panel Member At Raytheon 2019 Technology Interchange Meeting


On September 24, 2019, Bob Chisholm, FishEye CEO participated as a panel member at the Raytheon 2019 Technology Interchange Meeting / SBIR conference in Los Angeles, CA. FishEye was one of a few small business partners chosen to attend this conference.


The purpose of the conference was for James Sweeney, AF SBIR/STTR CRP Program manager who works for the head of the AF SBIR/STTR program and the Director of Navy SBIR, Bob Smith to discuss and educate the transitioning of SBIR technology like FishEye’s Real-Time Platform For Machine Data (RTTK) and FishEye’s Radar Simulator (VREX) to operational Department of Defense systems.


On the second day of the conference Ted Selig, FishEye COO joined Bob Chisholm for one on one meetings with Raytheon Engineering leadership, Air Force and Navy facilitators to identify target programs for FishEye SBIR products RTTK and VREX.


If you have any questions about the SBIR process contact Ted Selig or Bob Chisholm.


If you know of a program that may benefit from FishEye’s RTTK or VREX products contact John Crowley, Business Development or Ted Selig.


FishEye is a five-time award winner of the Raytheon IDS Supplier Excellence Award.


FishEye Participates At Raytheon 2019 Technology Interchange Meeting

Bob Chisholm and Ted Selig of FishEye in Los Angeles for Raytheon Meetings



Team Travels


Pictures from Peter M.’s Latest Sail for FishEye.


















Thanks Peter M. for sharing your pics!



Seeking Your Opinion


In this newsletter we’ve shared what is happening at FishEye.

Now it’s your turn.

Email Us:
Bob Chisholm
Ted Selig



Contribute to the Next Newsletter


Share with your teammates what is going on in your world! Send me pictures, videos and a description. Email John Crowley


This is a recent picture of me last month as I saw my son Jim Crowley off to his junior year at San Jose State University. Jim is studying artificial intelligence as a Computational Math major and Computer Science minor (proud dad).


John Crowley



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