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Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 3, No. 1 – February, 2020

Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 3, No. 1 – February, 2020

FishEye Huntsville

FishEye Huntsville, AL Holiday Party




In This Issue

FishEye’s Vision, Mission & Goals
Site News
Job Openings
Team Member Benefits
The Best Team
Team Travels
Seeking Your Opinion
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FishEye’s Vision, Mission & Goals


FishEye vision, mission and goals


FishEye’s Vision

  • Synthesizing the world’s real-time data.


FishEye’s Mission

  • Provide real-time technology and services in an environment that attracts and inspires the best team.


FishEye’s Goals

  • Maintain an environment that attracts and inspires the best team.
  • Change the way the world does real-time.
  • Growth through innovation and diversification.


FishEye’s Vision, Mission & Goals



Site News


Emre T., Site Manager, Marlborough, MA


Our FishEye engineering team members in Marlborough are hands-on contributors in multi-million dollar projects, providing our customer the expertise they need in developing, integrating and testing mission-critical and operational software in systems like phased-array radars, air traffic control, missile defense, command and control.

Recently our customer has won the contract to build the U.S. Army’s new missile defense radar to replace an air and missile defense system. We, as FishEye, have been providing our customer the expertise they need when it comes to delivering this contract several hundred million dollar system contract.


Joe D., Site Manager, Tewksbury, MA


Kevin M. and I are both Radar Software product line contributors. For the past year+, our work has been specific to a sensor modernization project. Our program-specific team is stationed in Tewksbury, and Kevin and I have also spent time working / supporting teams in Woburn, MA.


Erik S., Site Manager, Woburn, MA


FishEye engineers in Woburn are engaged in supporting our customer on several land and sea-based sensors used for space surveillance and missile defense. We leverage our experience in radar systems to provide needed support through the life cycle of these sensors, from systems engineering and design; continuing into initial software development, integration and test; and all the way through long-term sensor sustainment and maintenance. Several staff members routinely travel to sites to install new hardware and software, perform acceptance testing, and to train users in new software for mission success.


Ron S., Director, Huntsville, AL


The Radar Test Contract recently hired two new radar operators. In other news, we’re working supporting new business areas through the development of cyber security capability. We’re also actively seeking to expand our footprint in Huntsville through the pursuit of subcontracting opportunities on several large (billion $) programs.


Ted Selig, COO, Maynard, MA


In the last quarter we have been expanding the Maynard office facilities and lab space to support new programs, including a hardware and software upgrade for the Cobra King radar. I also purchased a new $50,000 cappuccino milk frother.




Bill Kenny called me into his office when he saw my expense report. At first he was really mad, but then I showed him this scientific analysis of how it’s improved productivity.


frother productivity


So he’s not that mad anymore, but he did mention that due to budget constraints the company would probably have to lower my monthly salary by about $4170 for the next year. It seems like kind of an arbitrary amount, but I’m glad we were able to get that settled.



Job Openings


Job Openings


Open Positions (42)


View Job Openings


Referral Bonus


You can receive a $3,000/$5,000 (signal processing) referral bonus after the new hire has worked six months. All positions require an active secret clearance. If you have want to refer someone, please contact Bob Chisholm.


FishEye Employee Referral Form



Team Member Benefits



The FishEye Benefits Web Page



Order FishEye Biz Cards


Build your network and stay in touch.


business card mockup400


If you would like business cards to help with your job and business networking we are happy to get them. Please email Kathy H. with a request.



Get a Phone Extension


FishEye has a voice over IP (VOIP) phone system. You can have your own FishEye extension by sending a request to Kathy H.


A FishEye VOIP extension provides you:

– Voicemail (emailed to you)
– Call forwarding (to your cell phone or desk phone)
– Faxing
– And more features



The Best Team


sign gift


Welcome New Team Members


We are excited to have you as part of the Fisheye team. Thank you for joining.


Teammate and Date Started

Colton T. – 10/05/19

Derrick W. – 10/05/19

Ron S. – 11/02/19

George A. – 11/25/19

Kelly P. – 12/07/19

Jason F. – 02/15/20

Brian Z. – 02/17/20


Celebrate FishEye Anniversaries


Teammate and Date Started


Thank you for everyone’s hard work, your generosity, and enthusiasm. We appreciate all the work you do. Congratulations on your work anniversary.


Robert C. – 11/30/97

Peter G. – 11/30/98

Timothy C. – 09/30/99

Charles P. – 01/28/00

Dave G. – 01/31/00

Linh T. – 10/19/01

William S. – 11/23/01

Benjamin C. – 10/31/05

Thomas M. – 01/02/06

Lynn M. – 10/02/06

Kevin M. – 11/13/06

Matthew W. – 01/12/13

Stan N. – 01/01/14

Mark H. – 10/25/14

Anteneh K. – 11/22/14

James S. – 12/06/14

Joyce P. – 01/06/15

Jacob A. – 11/02/15

Daniel S. – 11/25/17





We had several opportunities in the holiday season to create some fun memories. Connecting with the FishEye family always inspires and brings cheer!


Newton Holiday Party




FishEye Holiday Party in Newton, MA


 Newton Holiday Party


Huntsville Holiday Party


“Please wear closed-toe shoes for axe throwing.”


FishEye Huntsville

FishEye Huntsville Holiday Party


 Huntsville Holiday Party





FishEye will be attending the New Horizons Event March 9 – 11, 2020.


The focus for this year is “Acquisition Challenges and the Future: Emerging Systems and Technologies, Solutions, Platforms and the Cloud.”


Sponsored by the AFCEA Boston, Lexington-Concord Chapter, NEW HORIZONS is the Chapter’s keystone annual event, during which innovative technology solution providers can network and discuss opportunities and solutions to meet our Nation’s critical security, cyber, digital transformation, nuclear command and control, and IT infrastructure requirements with key government decision makers and procurement officers.


This lighthouse event historically brings together a 700 strong, max capacity audience, consisting of leaders from Government, DoD, Industry, Academia and FFRDCs for collaboration and innovation focused on identifying and meeting the DoD’s emerging technology and rapid acquisition requirements.


Source: New Horizons 2020



Team Travels


Welcome Back Dan S.



Dan S. has returned from an extended Air Force deployment to the Middle East. He put home life on hold for a good part of the past year to serve our country.

Read the blog post


Joe D. Travels


Joe D., “Got bitten by the “National Park bug“ six years ago in Zion (Utah). There’s no better way to experience the incredible beauty of our country.”


Joe D. Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California


Joe D. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California


Bridal Falls, Yosemite National Park, California


Arches National Park, Utah



Seeking Your Opinion


In this newsletter we’ve shared what is happening at FishEye.

Now it’s your turn.

Email Us:
Bob Chisholm
Ted Selig



Contribute to the Next Newsletter


John R Crowley Jr - Relevance 360


Share with your teammates what is going on in your world!


To contribute anything you would like about work, family, hobbies or travels etc., send me an email along with a description, pictures or video.


John R Crowley Jr (JC)



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