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Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 3, No. 2 – July, 2020

Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 3, No. 2  – July, 2020

FishEye Remote

As We Pivot to Remote: Bob Chisholm – CEO, Skip Feeble and John Griffin – Software & Integration Director




In This Issue

FishEye’s Vision, Mission and Goals
The Best Team
Site News
News From the Corner Office by Skip Feeble
As We Pivot to Remote
In Case You Missed It
Job Openings
Team Member Benefits
Seeking Your Opinion
Contribute to the Next Newsletter


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FishEye’s Vision, Mission & Goals


FishEye’s Vision

  • Synthesizing the world’s real-time data.


FishEye’s Mission

  • Provide real-time technology and services in an environment that attracts and inspires the best team.


FishEye’s Goals

  • Maintain an environment that attracts and inspires the best team.
  • Change the way the world does real-time.
  • Growth through innovation and diversification.


FishEye’s vision, mission and goals stated on our website.



The Best Team


Bill Schley


Welcome New Team Members

We are excited to have you as part of the Fisheye team. Thank you for joining.


Teammate and Date Started
Gregg D. – 02/15/20
Fike J. – 02/15/20
Ken S. – 06/13/20


Celebrate FishEye Anniversaries

Thank you for everyone’s hard work, your generosity, and enthusiasm. We appreciate all the work you do. Congratulations on your work anniversary.


Teammate and Date Started
Bob C. – 11/30/97
John G. – 08/31/98
Hans-Christian H. – 08/31/98
Peter G. – 11/30/98
Al P. – 02/28/99
Marcellus B. – 03/31/99
Bill K. – 05/28/99
Peter M. – 09/24/99
Timothy C. – 09/30/99
Charles P. (aka Bilbo) – 01/28/00
Dave G. – 01/31/00
Erik S. – 08/31/00
Linh T. – 10/19/01
William S. – 11/23/01
Paul B. – 02/28/03
Joe D. – 06/18/04
Robert C. – 07/25/05
Elaine G. – 08/29/05
Benjamin C. – 10/31/05
Thomas M. – 01/02/06
Lynn M. – 10/02/06
Kevin M. – 11/13/06
Ted S. – 01/11/07
Larry C. – 07/14/08
Ray R. – 08/01/12
Steve O. – 09/22/12
Tho N. – 09/29/12
Matthew W. – 01/12/13
Stan N. – 01/01/14
Mark H. – 10/25/14
James S. – 12/06/14
Joyce P. – 01/06/15
Ralph J. – 09/01/15
Jacob A. – 11/02/15
Emre T. – 02/02/16
Brian V. – 05/06/17
Lily Z. – 05/20/17
Emily Y. – 06/03/17
Kathy H. – 09/30/17
Daniel S. – 11/25/17
Samuel M. – 04/14/18
Lina W. – 06/02/18
Shannon L. – 06/05/18
Lacon H. – 06/16/18
Dwight I. – 06/30/18
Ben N. – 06/30/18
Matthew T. – 06/30/18
Douglas A. – 07/28/18
Stephen D. – 07/28/18
Robin C. – 09/08/18
Zach D. – 09/08/18
William J. – 01/05/19
Peter K. – 01/26/19
Alan H. – 04/20/19
Gregg W. – 07/01/19
Colton T. – 10/05/19
Derrick W. – 10/05/19
Ron S. – 11/02/19
George A. 11/25/19
Kelly P. – 12/07/19
Brian Z. – 01/25/20
Gregg D. – 02/15/20
Fike J. – 02/15/20
Ken S. – 06/13/20



Site News


Joe D., Site Manager, Tewksbury, MA


Though I am apparently still the Tewks site manager, I would like some mention of Emily Y.’s move from the Woburn to the software product line in Marlborough.

“Emily recently completed a very successful tenure on the Post Processing (PPMP) software team in Woburn where she garnered an impressive amount of knowledge. This knowledge will virtually guarantee her success on Team Charlie (AAW Mission/Resource Mgmt) of the Radar Software Product Line (RSPL). She will bring her impressive skills to a team that is very skilled and impressive in its own rite – she’ll fit right in. We wish her the best. Go get’em Emily!”

Emily has recently moved to Tewksbury with her team.

Joe D.



Emre T., Site Manager, Marlborough, MA


Adding to Joe’s email.

Emily will be joining Team Charlie. Things are a little bit up in the air nowadays with the Product Line with all the craziness going on, but we were able to get her into the Product Line here in Marlborough. Everyone she worked with had good things to say about her, so her accomplishments spoke for itself.

Quick note. She will be working in Marlborough temporarily. She will ultimately be transitioning to Tewksbury once more office space is available and Team Charlie is able to reorganize their staff accordingly.




Erik S., Site Manager, Woburn, MA


Two big events for Raytheon, which might provide future work for us, are listed below.

  • Raytheon Intelligence and Space contract award to help develop the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS). RI&S will be supported by Raytheon Missiles & Defense (RMD). This is a five-year IDIQ leading toward the development of a new command and control network.
  • Raytheon TPY/THAAD contract. The article says this contract for seven TPY2 radars is PART of a foreign military sale to KSA. No word on what other parts may be awarded in the future. 

People working on tasks in other programs in Woburn continue to work as necessary in the labs, or from home when possible. No program end/exit dates are imminent.


John G. has moved from QEWR Software to support the Cobra King Sustainment in Maynard.



Ron S., Director, Huntsville, AL


FishEye Huntsville


News from Huntsville, AL in the past quarter that we can share:

  • Team Huntsville successfully fended off the COVID19 pandemic at this time and the team is working remotely
  • We have developed numerous training presentations for our Prime contractor and continue to provide software, analysis and testing updates
  • Victoria (Lacon) Mitchell gave birth to a baby girl (Vada Catherine Harrison, born December 21st 4:43pm, 7lbs 12oz and 20 inches long) and Momma is healthy and back to work (remotely) at FishEye



Ted Selig, COO, Maynard, MA


FishEye Maynard, MA


Maynard Site News:

  • Projects are underway for a radar rehost project implemented with an integrated project team comprising FishEye and a prime operating in FishEye’s Maynard office.
  • Radar software sustainment project is improving simulation and test capabilities.
  • We’re developing new RTTK GUI Features (Streaming FDA Visualization, Command & Control and Streaming Machine Learning).
  • The Maynard team is working on software for a third generation of a radar power generation system for the AN/TPY2 Radar.
  • We are tying up loose ends to a radar simulator to support a missile defense radar testing in a system integration lab.
  • Starting work on an Air Force project called  Accelerated Analysis to Real-Time (AART) that will improve the software sustainment process using RTTK.
  • The project software teams are all operating Agile practices supported by coaching by Joe D.
  • We are continuing improvements in tools, processes, and systems to improve FishEye’s cyber controls.



Skip Feeble



As We Pivot to Remote


FishEye Remote

Bob Chisholm – CEO, Skip Feeble and John Griffin – Software & Integration Director


remote work


Maximize Your Meetings!

  1. Zoom TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS – you should try!!! 2020 | Use Zoom Like a Pro (YouTube – 11 minutes)
  2. How to Host an Inclusive Virtual Meeting, According to HubSpot’s Remote Work Manager (HubSpot – 7 minute read)
  3. Zoom Advanced Features Tutorial (YouTube – 7 minutes)
  4. How to Get People to Actually Participate in Virtual Meetings (Harvard Business Review – 2 minute scan)
  5. Zoom help center (
  6. Hot Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom (



Branded Virtual Backgrounds

4 FishEye branded “Virtual Backgrounds” and 1 “Branded Profile” – Available for download

1. Choose your Zoom virtual background at
2. Right click on the image to “save image as” to your computer.
3. Zoom > Start Video > Choose Virtual Background > Click “+” to upload your selection [Zoom detailed instructions]



FishEye Branded White – Zoom Virtual Background


Branded virtual background FishEye White



FishEye Huntsville, AL Office – Zoom Virtual Background


Branded virtual background Huntsville



Join Skip Feeble – Zoom Virtual Background


Branded virtual background



In Case You Missed It

Recent blog posts and updates.


FishEye recruits the best engineers at UMass Career Fair


FishEye Umass

Lily Z. (left) and Lina W. (right) recruits the best engineers at University of Massachusetts Career Fair


With FishEye’s leadership ties to Umass Amherst, FishEye recruits annually at the Career Blast Campus-Wide Fair looking for the best engineers to join our team! The career fair features representatives from over 100 companies offering internships and full-time employment. Earlier this year, Lina W. spearheaded FishEye’s presence at the event by setting up and organizing the entire college hire recruitment process.

As a result of our college hire initiative we had two interns working this summer at FishEye. We also had a high school intern helping to explore technology during the summer. Casey is studying computer engineering and is a returning intern from 2019 and has been prototyping a new streaming data routing microservice for use with AI and for streaming data visualization.

Alex is working on a Masters program and studying software engineering. Alex has been helping to prototype some time series machine learning capabilities. Both Casey and Alex are part of an integrated software team practicing Agile development to Advance RTTK’s Command and Control GUI, Real-Time Visualization, and Machine Learning time-series prediction.

Max W. is going into his senior year at Winchester High School and is working on a STEM certificate. Max has been using linux and GPUs to experiment with real-time object recognition from within video streams.

We appreciate all the great contributions and hard work this summer and wish them well on their studies.


FishEye Interns

FishEye Interns: Alex (left) Casey (middle) Max (right)



FishEye upgrades real-time radar computers


FishEye Cobra King
FishEye upgrades real-time radar computers. USNS Howard O. Lorenzen



FishEye continues to meet the challenges and never stops innovating. Ben C. and Gregg D. put in long hours installing and configuring new IBM servers for the COBRA KING Rehost program. 

Cobra King Rehost – Blog Post

USNS Howard O. Lorenzen Wikipedia



FishEye’s “Advanced Certified ScrumMaster” refines our Software Development Process


FishEye’s “Advanced Certified ScrumMaster” refines our Software Development Process


FishEye Agile Training Tutorials 


FishEye Refines Software Development Process


In an effort to continuously improve our products and practices, FishEye is refining our software development process. Joe D., Tewksbury Site Manager and Advanced Certified ScrumMaster is developing a training regime covering FishEye’s Agile process. The training includes a series of tutorials so that team members can quickly understand the process and jump into the development project’s rhythm.

The Agile Toolkit Development​ Summarized by 7 principles:​

  1. Eliminate waste
  2. Amplify learning
  3. Decide as late as possible
  4. Deliver as fast as possible
  5. Empower the team
  6. Build in integrity
  7. See the whole


~ Only when these principles are implemented together, with a healthy dose of common sense, is there a basis for success.​


“Lean Software Development – an Agile Toolkit” – Mary and Tom Poppendieck      



Job Openings


Job Openings


Open Positions (42)


View Job Openings


Referral Bonus


You can receive a $3,000/$5,000 (signal processing) referral bonus after the new hire has worked six months. All positions require an active secret clearance. If you have want to refer someone, please contact Bob Chisholm.


FishEye Employee Referral Form



Team Member Benefits



The FishEye Benefits Web Page



Order FishEye Biz Cards


Build your network and stay in touch.


business card mockup400


If you would like business cards to help with your job and business networking we are happy to get them. Please email Kathy H. with a request.



Get a Phone Extension


FishEye has a voice over IP (VOIP) phone system. You can have your own FishEye extension by sending a request to Kathy H.


A FishEye VOIP extension provides you:

– Voicemail (emailed to you)
– Call forwarding (to your cell phone or desk phone)
– Faxing
– And more features


Health Savings Tip


Healthcare costs are rising. One of your teammates was quoted $1,400 for prescriptions and after using this app the total was $40. Give it a try.



Seeking Your Opinion


In this newsletter we’ve shared what is happening at FishEye.

Now it’s your turn.

Email Us:
Bob Chisholm
Ted Selig



Contribute to the Next Newsletter


John R Crowley Jr


Share with your teammates what is going on in your world!


To contribute anything you would like about work, family, hobbies or travels etc., send me an email along with a description, pictures or video.


John R Crowley Jr (JC)



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