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Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 4, No. 1

Team FishEye Newsletter – Vol. 4, No. 1

FishEye Vision

In This Issue

Site News
FishEye Upgrades Finance System for 2021
Project Management Professional Certification
“NEW” – More Secure Email System for 2021
The Best Team
Human Resources
Seeking Your Opinion
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FishEye Celebrates

Celebrate 2020

Ben C. and Mark H. celebrate holidays at the Maynard office.


To celebrate Christmas the Maynard office held a competitive, though not highly skilled, paper airplane throwing contest. Cheating was strongly encouraged. Walking away each with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon were Ben C. and Mark H. shown here with their winning aircraft. Masks were worn, social distancing observed and the middle seat was left open on all flights.

Site News


Corporate Headquarters – Maynard, MA

By Ted Selig, COO

FishEye Software, Inc., Corporate Headquarters, 2 Mill & Main, Suite 400, Maynard, MA

FishEye Software, Inc., Corporate Headquarters, 2 Mill & Main, Suite 400, Maynard, MA ~ Image: Mill & Main

  • The Software Sustainment team successfully completed a formal final qualification testing (FQT) for customer signoff at FishEye’s Maynard’s software sustainment and rehost lab. This is a great milestone for the Maynard sustainment team. Thanks to great work from Ben, Peter, Joyce, Griff, Paul, and Chris.AFWERX
  • We are midstream on the “Accelerated Analysis to Real-Time (AART)” project integrating the FishEye Real-Time Platform to cut analysis time from days to real-time. The project, funded by the Air Force’s AFWERX innovation group, connects FishEye’s product into a complex radar running on IBM AIX servers to improve sustainment productivity.
  • FishEye was awarded an extension for the Intelligent Dynamic Data Logging (IDDL) project. We have a major prime subcontracted to FishEye to test FishEye Real-Time Platform with the prime’s simulators. The project team has demonstrated real-time data curation shrinking data size 95% to increase simulation run production.
  • Started work for the Department of Transportation software maintenance team to upgrade their system monitoring. The upgrade provides 24:7 monitoring of all-electronic toll system components and generates automatic repair tickets.
  • Continuing development of Prime Power Unit software upgrade. The system monitors mission critical power generation systems includes user interface improvements and higher fidelity data sampling using the FishEye Real-Time Platform. The upgrade includes a new automated hard-ware-in-the-loop (HWIL) test system to rapidly perform automated tests for more robust testing and reduced testing costs during maintenance and upgrades.
  • ​We are near to completing integrating the radar simulator that supports a radar testing effort in a system integration lab. The system provides radar front-end hardware-in-the-loop for lab testing of radar back-end software. The simulator improves testing capabilities before deployment and during sustainment.
  • We are off and running on the 2021 product roadmap efforts to expand Machine learning, Data Lake, and Cloud computing capabilities for FishEye Real-Time Platform product.


FishEye Platform



Sites – Woburn, MA and Andover, MA

By John Griffin, Software & Integration Director

QEWR FishEye

Qatar Early Warning Radar ~ Image: Raytheon Technologies

  • John G., Lina, Peter, Erik, Dave and Brian are on the engineering team getting the final touches on the phased array radar software and firmware. The system is being integrated and tested while supporting Software Trouble Report resolution.
  • The team will continue to work on the radar supporting through site deployment.


how missile defense radars work



Sites – Marlborough, MA and Tewksbury, MA

By Emre T., Site Manager


FishEye at Raytheon

FishEye Site Location, Marlborough, MA. Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Our S-Band engineers have done a great job navigating around all the circumstances and have remained safe and healthy. My special thanks to all for remaining diligent and consistent throughout the year.
  • We are smoothly working with clients’ organization changes during the last quarter. Our S-Band team continues to produce enhancements.
  • In 2021 we are looking to expand our C++ and agile engineering team here!


Site – Huntsville, AL Operations

By Ron S., Director


FishEye Huntsville

FishEye Huntsville, AL Operations, 4100 Market Street, Huntsville, AL. Image: Spaces

  • Team Huntsville successfully plowed through 2020 exceeding customer expectations.
  • Expanded training for our customers’ training while continuing to provide software, analysis and testing updates.
  • Victoria gave birth to a baby girl and Momma is healthy and back to work at FishEye.



News Flash: Bill Cracks a Smile in 2021

Bill Kenny, CFO

FishEye Upgrades Finance System for 2021

For the first time in history, Bill Kenny, legendary FishEye CFO cracked a smile. He is giddy about FishEye’s new Finance System. Rumor has it, Bill has been seen dancing in the office singing Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. He can’t stop talking about all the extended DCAA compliant capabilities FishEye will have in 2021.

Thanks to Dan S. for leading the research and procurement process.




Project Management Professional Certification

Shannon L.Shannon successfully passed the exam for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. PMP is the most globally recognized credential in project management across many industries. These sorts of qualifications will help FishEye pursue prime and larger contracts with international partners, stringent controls and process requirements.

Beyond this, as FishEye continues to grow, we’re looking at ways to work more efficiently across projects. This includes our embrace of Agile, but we can also benefit from more traditional or hybrid project management concepts, most notably Earned Value Management (EVM). Agile accommodates a dynamic workflow, while EVM communicates the big picture of project status to decision-makers.

For anyone interested in more information about PMP Certification, you can take a look at the PMI website.

Shannon “Queen of Everything” is my usual moniker. But for the newsletter I guess I can go with Project Manager.




“NEW” – More Secure Email System for 2021

FishEye Email System


FishEye will be implementing additional security measures to comply with various DoD and customer requirements. One enhancement is an upgrade to a new, more secure, government-compliant email server.




The Best Team


Welcome New Team Members

We are excited to have you as part of the Fisheye team. Thank you for joining.


Teammate and Date Started

Johnathan – 08/04/20

Ken – 06/13/20


Celebrate FishEye Anniversaries

Thank you for everyone’s hard work, your generosity, and enthusiasm. We appreciate all the work you do. Congratulations on your work anniversary.


Teammate and Date Started

Brian – 01/25/20

Kelly – 12/07/19

George – 11/25/19

Ron – 11/02/19

Colton – 10/05/19

Derrick – 10/05/19

Peter – 01/26/19

William – 01/05/19

Robin – 09/08/18

Zach – 09/08/18




Human Resources


Job Openings


View Job Openings



Referral Bonus

You can receive a $3,000/$5,000 (signal processing) referral bonus after the new hire has worked six months. All positions require an active secret clearance. If you have want to refer someone, please contact Bob Chisholm.   FishEye Employee Referral Form


The FishEye Benefits Web Page

Business Cards

business card mockup400

If you would like business cards, please email Kathy H..

Phone Extension

FishEye has a voice over IP (VOIP) phone system. You can have your own FishEye extension by sending a request to Kathy H.   A FishEye VOIP extension provides you: – Voicemail (emailed to you) – Call forwarding (to your cell phone or desk phone) – Faxing – And more features



Seeking Your Opinion

In this newsletter we’ve shared what is happening at FishEye. Now it’s your turn. Email Us: – Bob ChisholmTed Selig



Contribute to the Next Newsletter

John R Crowley Jr

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this newsletter.

If you would like to share with your teammates what is going on in your world in the next newsletter, send me an email.

John R Crowley Jr (JC)