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Team FishEye Newsletter Vol. 5, No.1

Team FishEye Newsletter Vol. 5,  No.1
FishEye’s Dave G., Tom M. and John G. golfing.

Strategic News

  • FishEye’s Strategic Vision
  • Strategic Initiatives Drive Long-Term Growth
  • Investing in Strategic Operating Efficiencies
  • Improving Human Resources for Growth
  • The Best Team
  • FishEye Culture

FishEye’s Strategic Vision

Bob newsletter

“State of the Fish” 2022

Bob Chisholm, CEO and the leadership team will share FishEye’s strategic vision for 2022 at FishEye’s annual event “State of the Fish” which is scheduled for Feb 8, 2022.

FishEye’s long-term strategic vision is to synthesize the world’s real-time data by accomplishing its mission to provide real-time technology and services in an environment that attracts and inspires the best team. FishEye’s goals are threefold; maintain an environment that attracts and inspires the best team, change the way the world does real-time and grow through innovation and diversification.

Strategic Initiatives Drive Long-Term Growth

FishEye continues its total commitment to being a customer-focused company based on customer performance excellence, relationships and real-time product innovation for customer solutions.

Increasing Value for our Customers

Personnel Moves & Promotions

To meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, John Griffin and the leadership team shared some recent personnel moves to better support FishEye’s customers. These include:

  1. Bob C. has moved from the Product Line to the Maynard Rehost program.
  2. Brian V. is finishing Marlboro Comm work and transitioning to the Sensor Product line.
  3. Lina W. and Chris C. have started working on the Sensor Product Line.
  4. Gregg W. was recently promoted to an Engineer I on his program.
  5. Ray R. is moving to sensor Product Line.
  6. FishEye thanks Peter K. and Al P. for their years of contributions to FishEyes’ customers. Enjoy retirement.

Matt W. Promoted to Mission Lead

Matt has been promoted to Mission Lead. He is clearly a valuable player and his leadership position will help as we move forward. Matt’s status on this contract is always earned through rigor and scientific skill along with his exceptional work ethic. Please take a minute to congratulate Matt on this accomplishment! Matt’s hard work reflects credit on himself and FishEye Software, Inc and is indicative of the kind of employees we wish to retain and promote!

Well done Mathew! Congratulations on another job well done sir!”

Excellent Customer Kudos for John R. of the FishEye Huntsville Team

“John has been able to hit the floor running because of his strong coding ability. He expressed a desire to do more design, and just happened to join our team when we were starting to design our product. He has a cool calm demeanor, and at first sat back and absorbed in what we were trying to do, before finally giving his opinion. Turns out his new fresh ideas were just what we needed. Overall we hit a homerun with bringing John onto our team.” 

Word from a FishEye Customer

FishEye Increases Site Presence to Support Client Needs

We are happy to announce our latest additions to the radar support team. Lina W., Chris C. and Brian V., despite a challenging learning curve, have transitioned and are all up to speed quickly!

For those who are not familiar with the SPY-6 family of radars here is an introduction video:

In 2021, Fisheye provided significant technical support to the SATCOM (Satellite Communication) program. Dave G. has been our trailblazing engineer, with a focus on SQT (Software Qualification Testing) and detailing test procedures. Throughout the last year, Brian V. has joined forces with Dave to support our client in the SATCOM program.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all our engineers who have met and exceeded expectations day in and day out. Regardless of being in-house or at a client’s site, staying healthy and performing at a level expected from all of us as a Fisheye, has been essential in maintaining our reputation as a company. 

FishEye S-Band Program Manager and Site Manager

Innovating Real-Time Technology to Synthesize the World’s Real-Time Data

FishEye held an annual product technology review of accomplishments, strategy, plans and roadmap. The review highlighted five projects leveraging FishEye’s Real-Time Platform (RTP) demonstrating operation in a field environment, machine learning prediction, streaming virtual reality visualization, seamlessly moving data between Linux and AIX platforms in real-time, and accelerating radar calibration analysis into real-time. Our strategic focus remains optimizing qualities that deliver technology that is non-intrusive, fast, maintainable, scaleable, and flexible. We seek to help our customers with data with rates “increasing by orders of magnitude”; that want to adopt cloud computing in a DoD environment, have petabytes of machine data. We are underway in achieving our goal to benchmark data rates of one petabyte per day.

FishEye Software, Inc., Corporate Headquarters, Maynard, MA
FishEye Software, Inc., Corporate Headquarters, Maynard, MA

Investing in Strategic Operating Efficiencies

Improving Communication and Streamlining Time and Finance Information

FishEye has been migrating to an enterprise resource planning system (Unanet) with the objective of improving communication and streamlining company time and finance information. By now you have started to use the system to record time.  In the new year we are adding expense processing (phasing out Zoho Expense).  The new system will replace and merge FishEye’s QuickBooks finances, Zoho expense management, and FishEye’s time card system. Bill, Myshal, Kathy, and Bob along with Unanet experts have been configuring and migrating historic time and finance data into the new system. Please bear with the initial transition but also speak up if there are ongoing bugs or you can suggest improvements.

Putting More Minutes and Hours Back Into Our Days 

Coming soon in 2022: an overhaul of the FishEye company document process is planned to rollout at the beginning of the year. The overhaul addresses a day-to-day problem experienced by many of us who work at FishEye: figuring out where to put documents and how to name them can be a challenge, and let’s not start on how to find documents after the fact as well. Through the efforts of Lily, Johnathan, Marc Brown, and a few initial stakeholders over the past couple of months, they have defined an outline of where things should go and standard conventions to streamline the process. Johnathan and Lily are mocking up a test area in Teams/Sharepoint. FishEye content will be organized across tools and repositories that include VPN access network drives, source code configuration management (SVN), Microsoft government cloud (Teams/Sharepoint/Wiki) and employee portal (ADP). The goal is to put more minutes and hours back into our days, so that we can spend less time questioning our document process and more time focusing on what’s important. The process, which will be an ongoing and adaptable record of document configuration, will soon be available to all FishEye colleagues to review, refine, and adopt.

Our goal is to provide an initial system by the end of March. We will send a notice when it is formally published.

Improving Human Resources for Growth

FishEye Software, Inc., Spaces, Huntsville, AL
FishEye Software, Inc., Spaces, Huntsville, AL

HR Benefit – Fitness Assistance

Employees that have been with FishEye for at least 180 days can be reimbursed up to $360 per calendar year for Fitness related expenses with proof of receipts. 

6 Click Survey – Teammate, what is important to you?

I created a quick 6 Question Survey to help you share what is important to you to leadership in an easy anonymous 6 click format.

See if my questions are helpful.


John Crowley

FishEye is Hiring for Growth

Job Openings in 4 States

Referral Bonus

You can receive a $3,000/$5,000 (signal processing) referral bonus after the new hire has worked 6 months. All positions require an active secret clearance. If you want to refer someone, please contact Bob Chisholm and send the Employee Referral Form to Bill Kenny.

Business Cards

If you would like business cards to help with your job please email Kathy H.

Phone Extension

You can have your own FishEye extension by sending a request to Kathy H.  A FishEye VOIP extension provides you:

  • Voicemail (emailed to you)
  • Call forwarding (to your cell phone or desk phone)
  • Faxing
  • And more features

The Best Team

Years of Service Milestones

Thank you for everyone’s hard work, generosity, and enthusiasm. We appreciate all the work you do.

20+ Years

  • Bob C.
  • Chris H.
  • John G.
  • Bill K.
  • Marc B.
  • Peter G.
  • Tim C.
  • David G.
  • Erik S.

15+ Years

  • Bob C.
  • Lynn M.

10+ Years

  • Linh T.
  • Elaine G.
  • Ted S.

5+ Years

  • Kevin M.
  • Ralph R.
  • Steve O.
  • Tho N.
  • Jim S.
  • Joyce P.
  • Mark H.
  • Ralph J.
  • Jacob A.
  • Emre T.
  • Stan N.
  • Charles P.

Approaching 5 Years

  • Brian V.
  • Lily Z.
  • Paul B.
  • Kathy H.
  • Daniel S.
  • Benjamin C.

Meet Jacob A. and His Family

Left to right: James (1), Samantha (my wife) Amelia (10), Elaine (6), Bigfoot (me), and Drake (2)
Left to right: James (1), Samantha (my wife) Amelia (10), Elaine (6), Bigfoot (me), and Drake (2)

As you can see Jacob has his hands full at home. He’s also been hard at work for about six years now supporting BMDS architecture testing for programs in Huntsville, AL. His recent travels include Israel and Thule, Greenland. While traveling, Steve appointed him as “the arctic menace” in Thule, a title he wears proudly. 

If family and work aren’t enough, Jacob’s hobbies include being a blacksmith, 3d modeling, print interests as well as additive manufacturing and prototyping. In family news, they recently adopted their son’s brother James! 

Jacob shares his life tips: 

  1. To absolutely never underestimate prayer. It’s singularly your most powerful tool.
  2. Work ethic.  100% is the minimum at work, 100% is the minimum at home.
  3. When you feel drained, see the life tips statement above.

FishEye Culture

Emre with his wife Michele, son Zeybek and daughter Patara in the Turks & Caicos

It’s not all fun and games at site.  Here Erik S. serves on camel watch duty in the desert.  Erik writes, “I’ve seen lots of camels pass by, but I’ve never seen one in a triangle, so I guess I’m not really sure what it is that I’m looking for.”

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John Crowley