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Team FishEye Newsletter Vol. 4, No.2

Team FishEye Newsletter Vol. 4, No.2
Post splash FishEye product development
Arthur W. 3D product development “FishEye Real-Time Platform”

In This Issue

  • FishEye’s Vision
  • The Best Team
  • Site News
  • Job Openings
  • Human Resources
  • Your Suggestions
  • Contribute To Your Next Newsletter

The Best Team

Welcome New Team Members

We are excited to have you as part of the FishEye team. Thank you for joining.

TeammateDate Started
John R01/30/21
Chris C. 02/20/21
Scott M.03/27/21
Will N.04/03/21
Ed B.05/03/21
Phillip G.05/15/21
Arthur W.05/22/21
Besthoff N.06/19/21
Adam S. 06/19/21
Myshal S. 07/06/21
Tanner A. 07/19/21
Bruce C. 07/24/21

Celebrate FishEye Anniversaries

Thank you for everyone’s hard work, your generosity, and enthusiasm. We appreciate all the work you do. Congratulations on your work anniversary.

TeammateDate Started
Al P. 02/28/99
Marcellus B. 03/31/99
William K. 05/28/99
Charles P. 01/28/00
Dave G. 01/31/00
Paul B. 02/28/03
Robert C. 07/25/05
Ray R. 08/01/12
Steve O. 09/22/12
Tho N. 09/29/12
Larry F. 04/08/13
Emre T. 02/02/16
Brian V. 05/06/17
Lily Z. 05/20/17
Emily Y. 06/03/17
Samuel M. 04/14/18
Lina W. 06/02/18
Shannon L. 06/05/18
Lacon H. 06/16/18
Dwight I. 06/30/18
Ben N. 06/30/18
Matthew T. 06/30/18
Peter K. 01/26/19
Casey M. 06/01/19
Gregg W. 07/01/19
Gregg D. 02/15/20
Fike J. 02/15/20
Alex B. 05/16/20
Ken S. 06/13/20

Meet Bruce C.

We are welcoming Bruce to FishEye. Bruce is joining us to support a new customer with system engineering and SysML/Model Based Engineering.

Bruce Shared:

  • I have a BS in Computer Science and a strong background in physics.
  • I have a Wife (Wendy) and two kids (William and Emily) both in college.
  • Hobbies: Amateur Radio, Off Roading, Camping / Hiking, Photography, 3D Printing, tinkering / making stuff.
  • Other than that, I am pretty boring.

Someone New at FishEye

Congratulations to Brian and Becka V. who recently welcomed daughter, and newest tax deduction, Sadie at 12:04 AM on February 15th. HIPPA regulations forbid broadcasting vital information on a newborn infant, but rumor has it that Sadie was either 715 inches and 20 ounces, or 20 inches and 7 pounds 15 ounces at birth. Although currently undecided about her future plans Sadie has already received an offer of employment from FishEye with a projected start date of June 1st, 2043. Commented her future boss, Ted Selig, “Even though she won’t be starting for another 22 years, we’d still like to get her in the office for an internship this summer.”

Dad Brian started with FishEye in 2017 working out of the Massachusetts office. Brian supports both client programs and internal SBIR contracts.

Someone New at FishEye
Sadie furrows her brow thinking about her upcoming car payment due in 20 years

Another New Arrival

Not to be outdone, Tim and Julie C. responded with their own entrant in the FishEye baby sweepstakes, announcing the arrival of Logan Michael Conley. Logan was born on February 22nd weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz.

Here’s a picture of Logan body slamming his dad during an early training session.

Tim also works out of the Massachusetts office, although you’d never know it because he’s frequently at various radar locations around the globe. Tim started with FishEye back in 1999, or shortly after the end of the last ice age.

Logan body slamming his dad during an early training session

Site News

FishEye Software, Inc. – Huntsville, Alabama

Ron S., Director

Branded virtual background Huntsville
FishEye Huntsville, AL Operations, 4100 Market Street, Huntsville, AL. Image Source: Spaces

We have a new software engineer in Huntsville, John R. who is working on a new project under Will J. called FMS-D.  John is rapidly becoming a super star as we are a sub to SAIC on both of the above mentioned items. Jeremy S. also came on board since Jan 2021 and he is doing a great job as a new FE under Will on Indicium. We are building the “FishEye Brand” here and in the COS area by hiring solid newcomers.

FishEye Software, Inc. – Utah

FishEye Utah
Ken S., a new team member working at a customer’s site in Utah

Ken S.

Sr. Principal Engineer III

Ken shared, “I’m working at L3Harris in Salt Lake City, UT, on the modem control software team for a couple of Protected Anti-Jam Tactical Satcom (PATS) programs: A3M (Air-Force, Army, Anti-Jam Modem) and WAM (Wideband Anti-Jam Modem) programs.”

View Utah Job Opportunities

FishEye Software, Inc. – Colorado

FishEye Software, Inc. - Colorado
MDIOC, Colorado. Image Source:

Jon M. is working as a Network Engineer at the MDIOC in support of the Software, Simulation, Systems Engineering and Integration (S3I) contract managed out of Huntsville, AL.

View Colorado Job Opportunities

FishEye Software, Inc. – Corporate Headquarters – Maynard, Massachusetts

FishEye Software, Inc., Corporate Headquarters, 2 Mill & Main, Suite 400, Maynard, MA
FishEye Software, Inc., Corporate Headquarters, 2 Mill & Main, Suite 400, Maynard, MA

HQ News

Like most offices, for the past 15 months many of the Maynard employees have been working remotely. The only folks in the office on a consistent basis were those people working the COBRA KING Rehost and Sustainment programs. Beginning in June we were happy to welcome back our fully vaccinated co-workers. Perhaps no one was missed more over the past year than office administrator Kathy H.. Kathy wears many hats, which can be unusual particularly on those days when she shows up for work sporting a reproduction Viking helmet. Kathy performs a wide variety of tasks that help the office run smoothly. During her absence many of those tasks were either done poorly or not done at all. With her return a sense of normalcy has returned to the office, much to the relief of those who had to put up with Skip Feeble running the show for the past year. Commented one disgruntled employee, “We asked him to order some hand sanitizer and then a pallet of 50 lb bags of sand shows up because he thought we said ‘hand sanditizer’. Really, what an idiot.”

FishEye NQ News Kathy
Kathy’s been very busy since coming back to the office

In Other HQ News

By Shannon L.

  • We submitted two SBIR grant proposals this round: 
    • FishEye proposed to research and develop a system to join the varied and complex binary data produced, perform analysis on that unified data, and connect the resulting data to a 3D visualization engine with playback and interactive data controls. We call the system FE3D or FishEye Dynamic Ballistic Missile Defense 3-Dimensional (3-D) Combat Information Center Playback. 
    • The proposed Cloud-enabled Engineering Data Analysis Reservoir (CEDAR) morphs dynamic and diverse heterogeneous data into a common open cloud-based repository that exposes and conforms data for consumption by shared unified tool sets.
  • We submitted our Phase II Final Report for the “Accelerated Analysis to Real-Time (AART)” project –  integrating the FishEye Real-Time Platform to cut analysis time from days to real-time. The project, funded by the Air Force’s AFWERX innovation group, connects FishEye’s product into a complex radar running on IBM AIX servers to improve sustainment productivity. We plan to pursue additional funding to further develop this technology.
  • FishEye plans to open a secure lab (our 3rd!) for the Intelligent Dynamic Data Logging (IDDL) project. We have a major prime subcontracted to FishEye to test FishEye Real-Time Platform with the prime’s simulators and the lab will enable us to collaborate in our Maynard headquarters. The project team has demonstrated real-time data curation shrinking data size 95% to increase simulation run production. We are seeking additional funding to further integrate RTTK into the simulation ecosystem.
  • A team of four engineers is working for the Department of Transportation software maintenance team to upgrade their system monitoring and to implement a Dynamic Pricing System (DPS) that will automatically adjust toll rates depending on time of day and traffic conditions.
  • Final Release was delivered for the Prime Power Unit Gen3 software upgrade. The system monitors mission critical power generation systems that now include user interface improvements and higher fidelity data sampling using the FishEye Real-Time Platform. The upgrade includes a new automated hard-ware-in-the-loop (HWIL) test system to rapidly perform automated tests for more robust testing and reduced testing costs during maintenance and upgrades. We will provide support and integration until April 2022.
  • ​We are near to completing integrating the radar simulator that supports a radar testing effort in a system integration lab. The system provides radar front-end hardware-in-the-loop for lab testing of radar back-end software. The simulator improves testing capabilities before deployment and during sustainment.
  • Our summer interns are busy working on a 3D Visualization Demo to expand the capabilities of our FishEye Real-Time Platform product. RTTK will capture flight simulation data operating in an orchestrated container environment and stream the plane’s location via RTTK:Visual engine interface. This will be displayed in a 3D model, viewed within a headset.
3D Visualization Demo
Interns Phillip and Arthur working on 3D Visualization

Retirement Celebration

We celebrated the retirement of two long-time FishEye employees: Peter M. and Joe D. We sent them off with burritos, beer, and our very best wishes as they start a new chapter.

Peter M. and Joe D. Retirement Celebration
Peter M. and Joe D. Retirement Celebration

Hotels near FishEye’s Maynard, Massachusetts Office

Concord's Colonial Inn, Concord, MA

Concord’s Colonial Inn

Concord’s Colonial Inn, is located in historic downtown Concord, MA near the famous North Bridge, author landmarks, and Hanscom Air Force Base. You may need to call for government rates. The inn is 10 minutes to FishEye, Software, Maynard, MA.

More hotels near FishEye HQ

FishEye Software, Inc. – Woburn, MA & Andover, MA

By John Griffin, Software & Integration Director

Erik S. and Peter G. are deploying to Qatar in support of the QEWR radar.  As a FishEye employee, Erik has earned the position of Software Site Manager from his years of experience developing early warning radar systems.  We all wish Erik and Peter a wonderful experience and a successful mission.  In Erik’s absence, John G. will become the acting site Manager of the Woburn and Andover facilities.  John G. will continue to support the QEWR and Cobra King projects throughout the summer.

FishEye Software, Inc. – Marlborough, MA and Tewksbury, MA 

Site - Marlborough and Tewksbury, MA
FishEye customer site location, Marlborough, MA

Meet Kevin M. at FishEye Tewksbury

Who knew they sold these (gigantic ice cream sandwiches) at Canobie?
  1. Where do you live? Salem NH, (roughly) by Canobie Lake Park, where it’s “Just For Fun”. Who knew they sold these (gigantic ice cream sandwiches) at Canobie?
  2. How long have you been with FishEye? Since Nov 2006
  3. Where do you work? Tewksbury, in the new RSPL lab. (I have previously worked in Woburn (3 times), Sudbury and Marlborough)
  4. What are you working on? Radar Software Product Line (RSPL); I started working AMDR in Sudbury, before it became RSPL and before Sudbury closed and then moved up the road to Marlborough.  When RSPL got too big and they started planting teams in Tewksbury, I raised my hand (much better commute).
  5. Other Stuff? Currently enjoying the weekly release of The Bad Batch on Disney+ and playing racing and golf games on Nintendo Switch.
  6. Recent Travels? Nothing since Covid but before that Dollywood and Disney World.
  7. Favorite TV show? American Pickers (I can watch that all day long).
  8. Favorite Podcast? Currently I listen to Rebel Force Radio for my latest Star Wars news (I am not as much of a Star Wars nerd as I make myself out to be).

Job Openings

Job Openings

View Job Openings

Referral Bonus

You can receive a $3,000/$5,000 (signal processing) referral bonus after the new hire has worked 6 months. All positions require an active secret clearance. If you want to refer someone, please contact Bob Chisholm.  

FishEye Employee Referral Form

Human Resources

Chris Howell, overwhelmed by the adminstriva.
Chris Howell, overwhelmed by the adminstriva.


Business Cards and Phone Extension

FishEye business card

VOIP Phone Extension Features

  • Voicemail (emailed to you)
  • Call forwarding (to your cell phone or desk phone)
  • Faxing
  • More

If you would like business cards or a phone extension please email Kathy H.


Please email Bob Chisholm or Ted Selig your suggestions.

Contribute To Your Next Newsletter

John R Crowley Jr

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this newsletter.

If you would like to share something in the next newsletter send me an email.

John Crowley