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Ted Selig presents: Distributed Heterogeneous System Fusion in Real-Time

national-fire-control-fisheyeThe 2015 National Fire Control Symposium February 9-12, 2015 in El Segundo, CA, will feature many senior level national speakers to educate attendees about the application and integration of sensing, information interoperability, command and control and weapons used for attacking difficult targets characterized as concealed, time-critical, urban, deeply buried or electronic.

If attending, join Mr. Selig to learn how to improve your projects.


Ted Selig, FishEye Director & COO

Presents: “Distributed Heterogeneous System Fusion, Analysis and Visualization in Real-Time”



Advanced sensor and missile systems comprising of computers and sensors working together to hit a missile with another missile traveling 17,000 MPH. These subsystems work in concert with fast hard deadlines and generate large volumes, velocity and variety of data to detect & track missiles and verify success. Sensors collect data at a velocity of gigabits per second and must analyze and distribute huge volumes of data in real time. The system is comprised of multigenerational hardware from different vendors using a variety of non-standard data formats that must be translated in real-time. All these elements make a challenging for complex systems like integrated fire control, sensor, data fusion, electronic warfare, unmanned & autonomous systems, and integrated air and missile defense systems.

Further challenges arise from attempts to use traditional information technology methods of converting data into platform independent formats like Java, text or XML or takes time processing data to optimize data retrieval speed. This slow conversion enables portability between computers and operating systems but comes at the cost of speed and performance. Preprocessing approaches do not meet the needs of time-critical real-time systems.


FishEye, has developed a unique approach to managing the flow, volume, velocity, and variety of data produced by complex real-time systems. FishEye’s approach is founded with an elegant philosophy that keeps data in its natural form while maintaining platform independence. The approach extracts application and platform system metadata before run time eliminating unnecessary run-time data translations and thus enabling the fastest and most efficient orchestration of data. FishEye’s software product, called the Real-Time Tool Kit (RTTK), uses this innovative approach to capture, analyze, distribute and visualization of machine data while it is streaming.

The elements include:

  • Streaming Data Capture – Streaming real-time acquisition of machine data from any source
  • Streaming Analysis – Streaming real-Time data analysis, script-driven and domain specific language
  • Streaming Distribution – Selectively move real-time data seamlessly between heterogeneous computers and sensors to enable data fusion, forensics, modeling and simulation.
  • Streaming Visualization – See & understand data in real-time.

FishEye’s approach provides a framework for existing and emerging real-time systems to harness massive flow of data velocity, volume, and variety. The approach provides a framework to reduce the cost, risk, and time to develop complex distributed systems applications like fire control, electronic warfare, sensors, and air and missile defense.

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